The Copanhagen Climate Summit has proven interesting…I haven’t been following it as closely as I should, but it’s interesting just how much weight the poorer nations seem to have in influencing the 1st world powers…At least on a diplomatic front, anyways. Not to mention all of the chaos that’s going on outside of the summit. Global Climate Change seems to be publically accepted as fact rather than opinion, and that is an important step if real change is to occur. Once it becomes a real issue to the average citizen, we’re more likely to see the spending required to curb our influence.

I personally believe we’re on the right track. We’re already seeing the effects of humankind’s actions on the biosphere, but we’ve the ability to reverse that track as well. However, while I suspect it may be required, I’m extremely skeptical of massive geo-engineering projects, considering it was our poor understanding of our planet’s ecosystem that has it spiraling…Not out of control since it never was in control to begin with, but spiraling towards a different sort of equilibrium that is not in line with our current style of life. In any case…Carbon sequestration…Cloud seeding…Space Mirrors…All of these are fixes that dodge the real issue: continued emissions, overharvesting at all trophic levels, topsoil erosion, deforestation, desertification, loss of sea ice…The list goes on. I think this is at the heart of the majority of the opposition. The earth just seems so VAST and we’ve lived on it for thousands of generations and the earth just keeps rolling with the punches. How can puny little US be affecting it? Lower population levels, lower energy usage, lesser capacity to harvest minerals and other natural resources, less pressure to modernize…All of this has been changing rapidly since the Industrial Revolution.

Maybe the sun IS getting hotter. Maybe this IS all part of the earth’s natural rhythms. But we’re deluding ourselves if we remove humans from the equation. Without being prideful, we can easily acknowledge that mankind is a powerful influence on the global environment, on par with volcanoes and tsunamis. We won’t be “destroying the world” anytime soon, but we just might wreck things to the point where we can’t exist. So better to check out own influence before the infinitely complex interactions of the natural world check them for us. Mother Nature. Gaia. Whatever.

At any rate, I should read up on Copanhagen so I can have an informed opinion on THAT rather than Global Climate Change in general..

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  1. Less desertification and more dessertification, that’s what I say!

    Um, Copanhagan Climate Summit is about ice cream, and fighting off the zombie threat, right?

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