Too Many Changes on the Horizon?…

Almost holiday vacation season!!! Ahh…Things to do this weekend…

– Friday and Saturday night are planned out; I just have to decide which day what happens…I want to go out and dance again and I want to see a play called Dionysus in 69. It’s a modern take on Euripides’ "The Bacchae." Typically Greek; Zeus sleeps with a mortal, Hera gets pissed, so Zeus smites the woman for her infidelity and the baby who is of course male becomes a rage-filled demi-god, just like dear old dad. It sounds interesting in itself, but the modern take seems to take the chaos and revelry of the Bacchae beyond the Greek version. I don’t usually do plays, so it sounds like it could be real neat!

– I have a potential date this weekend or next…I remain…Somewhat undecided. The guy sounded extremely interesting in his profile; a traveler, a gamer, and pretty intelligent from what I read. And it inspired me to respond to his posting in the first place…And then he sent me a picture, and…Well…Call me shallow, but I’m not overly attracted to him and that’s severely affecting my outlook on the possibilities of this date. Oh, and he’s older than me by a bit, and I’m not sure I like that either. I mean, I know I wanted exactly this, casual dating, but I remained concerned I ‘m just setting myself up for a ton of drama I don’t need…Casual dating is nice, but I can’t deal with someone clingy and my mind just wants to save myself the potential drama and not even bother…Even though I also want to get back out into the scene…Arrrghh! I hate being human sometimes! But I’m thinking I should go, if only to shake things up a bit. I MIGHT actually have fun and won’t I be laughing at myself then! Hm…Decisions, decisions…

– So I’m house-sitting for the next two weeks for Terence, an old trainer turned principal here at American Youthworks, and we got to talking about the staff and the teachers at AYW…AYW deals with disadvantaged youth mostly, but the Americorps program I’m in, Environmental Corps, is based in the building as well. We also talked about how a lot of the former members of Environmental Corps: Austin are becoming staff as well. Like me at the moment, though I’m going back to being an Americorps member in January. And he mentioned that earlier they were looking for science teachers and he thought that I might be a good fit for the program, and after some discussion, he told me after the Environmental Corps term comes to an end, we should get together and discuss possibilities. …This raises some interesting ideas here. I mean, we’re talking about the start of a REAL career. As a teacher, of all things…? T says because of the classification of the American Youthworks charter school, one only needs a degree rather than a teaching degree; and it still counts as experience in the teaching field if you wanted to get certified and become a teacher elsewhere later. But let’s back up…Me, a teacher? I dunno…Hell, I still can’t see myself IN a particular career. I mean, what about my travels and stuff? I suppose I can still do that; teachers get 3 months off during the breaks and all…But careers tend to be so…LIMITING. But not having to worry so much about money might be nice as well. Sigh…Shall I break? Of course, I’m getting WAAAAAAYYYYYYY ahead of myself! I’m just spewing forth ideas that are flitting through my mind in response to Terence’s SUGGESTION. Nothing has even been offered, much less decided upon.

Still…Teacher? My New Year’s Resolution to completely remold myself seems to be coming for ME rather than the other way around…Be careful what you wish for, so they say…Question is, why am I not entirely elated by the possibilities?

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  1. I think you could really be a fantastic teacher, the kind that changes the lives of children instead of just being a brief chapter in their lives.

    Of course, my faith in you is such that I believe you could be a fantastic anything if you wanted to be. *shrugs*

    • Well thanks for the comment Miah…I guess I’ll just have to see if it really captures my interest and is something I could really get into as a lifelong thing. I just can’t dedicate myself to a career and not be into it fully. Especially something as important and with such widespread effects as teaching children.

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