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I checked out a shop called RunTek over on South 1st & West Riverside at the recommendation of my co-worker EJ…I’ve been considering taking up running and wanted to price running shoes and get some advice from the professionals and she even had a $20 off coupon for me to use, so there was no reason not to stop in. And I dunno…I mean, I need comfortable shoes that aren’t boots and fit semi-nicely and I want to take up running…But Blowing $100 on a pair of shoes that are going to last me 3-6 months actively running is a waste with my budget…Uh uh. I’ll just get some cheapo shoes and spend $30 every month instead! Or take up Barefoot Running…I asked the guy at RunTek and he sort of laughed and called it a fad that’s deceptively difficult to get into (I should have asked how using our natural feet constitutes a fad but my wit failed me until just now). He likened it to walking along loose beach sand…The ache you feel is all of those little muscles that never get used crying out for mercy. Barefoot runners have to develop callouses, bring those muscles into shape…And those people don’t just do it on the weekends. They generally go around without shoes. Period. Otherwise you won’t gain the durability your feet need to actually do the run. Still, I’m intrigued…We’ll see for how long with my attention span.

Afterward I decided to hop up Congress and check out an antique junk shop that I love pa-rousing around for old books when I did the gaze-lock with a real cute Indian fellow at a crosswalk…Long story short that involves my crippling awkwardness, we arranged a date tonight at Halcyon, a coffee shop downtown. All I know is his name is James and he does not own a car. So we should have plenty of questions and a lot to talk about. And I’m going, no matter what my brain tries to say to talk me out of it.

So there.

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  1. There are these new all rubber “shoes” that are fit perfectly to your feet, even to the point of having “toes.” They barely come up the sides of your feet and just pad the bottom enough that you don’t need to make the callouses you normally need.

    I’ve seen them, and they look pretty cool. A short conversation with the lady wearing them made them sound pretty comfortable too, and the barefoot running more than just a fad.

    Just my two cents. 🙂

    Congrats on being socially awkward enough to get a date. It’s an endearing trait. 😉

    • Someone we know in local Dag has those rubber toe shoes and he loves them.

      • I have seen those and heard great things about them…I’m thinking I need to ask about those next time I’m at Run-Tex. Interestingly the site I’ve been reading suggests not using those at all, but rather letting your feet adjust naturally and just taking your time to get used to any discomfort..

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