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So I’m thinking this summer, for the thee weeks (if memory serves) we get for the heat in Environmental Corps, I want to go vagabonding Stateside this time…I was planning on heading up to Ragnarok this summer in PA since I skipped out on it in ’08 and was in New Zealand in ’09, but I think another walkabout would do me some good. Plus, I’m still into the barefoot running kick and I think it would be awesome to do a barefoot hike from New Orleans north along the Mississippi (as I’ve stated before; I remain enchanted by "Life on the Mississippi," and want to see the river I’ve read of so often but only glimpsed briefly as I crossed over to Arkansas on my way to Austin in 2008). I’m not 100% on the Mississippi Valley, but it’s at the top of my list at the moment, especially when I determined that even though I’ve done a ton of travel in the US, I was too young to appreciate most of it, and haven’t really seen all that much.

I’d probably hitch my way to New Orleans from Austin…Spend a few days there, since I’ve never been and have always wondered, and then just head North. I’m feeling slightly hesitant and unsure as to how I want to pursue this venture on US soil however. In New Zealand, the small towns along my path actually made my trips easier; it was real easy getting in and out…In an American megacity, it might take me a day just to get in and out along a street I can walk along, dodging mega-highways and such. I’ll have to do some research on the cities along the way and try and determine a possible route. I’ll Tudong it again, so minimalist packing, and no reliance on hitching…Just going to let what happen may and learn from the experience.  The Midwest could be interesting too as I know almost nothing about it…And the West Coast…Lots of open space and I’ve always wanted to walk along a waving grassy prairie on a single lane road towards a mountain backdrop (an oddly specific, a very romantic image of the quintessential vagabonder don’t you think!)…Hum…Suggestions LJ Readers??

Getting excited just thinking about it! Oh, more on barefoot running…It HURTS! I’ve got a slight ache in the bones just below the toes in my left foot and the arch of my right. According to the sources I’ve been reading however, this is a GOOD thing! Mostly because you’re de-sensitizing your feet, and in fact, they recommend AGAINST using those sole-toe covers I’ve seen in stores, because this interferes with the process. They recommend simply dealing with it and learning how to run the old fashioned way. So I’ll keep at it, although I still need to find new boots and general shoes…My boots are just about finished after a year of E-Corps and another year in New Zealand! Been shopping at a few places and the best deals I’ve seen are at a place in S. Austin whose name escapes me at the moment…Athletic-something or other…$74.99 gets me 8 inch heel support in a Size 15! I’m trying to forgo shoes for most of the day as well, except when I’m out, obviously…Trying to build up that foot toughness.

Well, back to transcribing…I need to crank out another 200 records to reach the daily minimum, which should take two hours, and I still have to get back to my own house, so I can go out dancing tonight. I should see if James wants to come. I’ve off tomorrow and Monday as well, but Tuesday I’m back to AYW to earn my pay. Going to be helping Edward and Johnny replace some carpet and tiling, among other things. Should be real easy though; 3-4 hours tops.

It’s strange, isn’t it? When we’re busy, we ache for free time, and when we have free time, we can’t wait for work to begin again. The mind is never satisfied…

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  1. Seriously? You do 100 records an hour with these things? That’s amazing. I mean, I know I’m not “the king of transcription” or anything, but I do something like 70 an hour and that’s going as fast as I can!

    Awesome job.

    I’ll miss you at Ragnarok but I totally get wanting to go do something like that instead. 🙂

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