And so on…

Transcribing away…Why do I feel a burst of irritation everytime I hear "Creamy Milk Chocolate?" Probably because I’ve heard it 8 billion times already…Still illogical. But there it is.

I’m starting on the path for my next resolution: learn a musical instrument. I’ve settled on the Ukulele. Funny little guitar with a great sound; an instrument I enjoy listening to and seems easy to learn with only four strings. It doesn’t really fit the "wierd" category, except for perhaps that I’m really big and it’s really small, so I could probably strum it with one hand. I happen to enjoy the flamenco/island tunes that I’ve heard played and I think I could be good with one. Plus it’s small and portable, so I could take it when I travel. So I’m shopping about; gonna take a break in an hour or so and check out a music store down the road here in Austin, see what they have in stock and get advice from the experts, especially on whether or not my big hands will have problems with one. Maybe I could play a cello like a ukulele. Can’t help but notice all of the great Youtube videos on learning to play as well (well, learning to do anything really. I should spend more time on Youtube (no I shouldn’t…)). Also, Eric at E-Corps tells me Paul plays one…I bet he’d have a ton of useful advice for me.

Wow, I might actually finish this list by next year!

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  1. “I have 8 cases. One has 6 in it, I drank half of this one here, two of them are 12-packs, and the rest have 4 each. That’s 102 cans total, all in Creamy Milk Chocolate.”

    🙂 You’re welcome.

  2. is it weird that today i passed the music store and almost, ALMOST stopped to buy an acoustic guitar? It’s been on my to-do list to learn an instrument too, haha.

    our psychic link knows no bounds, soon we will control mankind

    but first, we will serenade them into a false sense of security

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