Relaxing Monday…

So I did a lot of walking today (not barefoot), looking for a pair of music stores and a thrift store recommended to me by a coworker. Factory People and DJS Music International are both on Congress, so says Google, and Treasure City was much further up past downtown on (far) East 12th St. I ended up walking all along Congress to discover that neither store exists (although their message machines do?) and Treasure City was closed despite their hours saying otherwise. So…No ukulele updates and no cheap new clothes.

I DID get to have sausage-garlic pizza and a Mexican coke for lunch at Home Slice and a dark velvet (dark chocolate with run) waffle cone with oreo cookie crushed in at Amy’s while walking along South Congress on a warm sunny day, so I’d hardly call the day a wash. And now I’ma make a taco run to La Mexicana for dinner and stop by my place to get my laundry, see how Avatar was (my roomies went and saw it yesterday), and use my weights, take a quick shower, and get some fresh clothes before coming back to Terence’s. I have work at AYW tomorrow.

Work, work…

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  1. There used to be a place back home called “Home Slice.” They served slices of pizza roughly 2 feet long and 1 foot wide. It never tasted great, but it was huge so we ate there all the time.

    On a completely different note, STOP STEALING MY RECORDS!

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