New Years Resolution: Ukulele

So after much agonizing, I’ve finally settled on a Ukulele. I’ve decided to go with the Kala Thinline Travel Ukulele; something that really came out of left field for me….After doing a ton of research I decided the Kala line was for me, although I could not decide between the Acacia Tenor, the Spalted Flame Maple, or the more modest Solid Spruce Top. Style, pricing and function warred with each other and each had their draws…The Acacia Tenor was more or less the dream Uke at the very tiptop of my price range at $300 but it’s sound quality and design was my overall favorite. The Spalted Flame Maple was a bit more modest at $240, but it had two main issues; one, it was hard to find a cheap one that came with setup and all the accessories (hard case, pitch pipe, chordbook) and also nearly every one I came across was a mass auction or sale. Meaning I could not pick which one I received, which mattered in this case because the spalted flame design varies tremendously between the Ukuleles. Some like the one I linked to look awesome…Others less so. And the Spruce Top is more or less vanilla. Not ugly but not beautiful…Sound quality doesn’t stink but isn’t a real beauty…The pricing was nice though, at $160 with all accessories. And ultimately my pragmatic side won out; but just before I could confirm my purchase the Thinline travel uke screamed out and I took another look at it.

And realized that this might just be the Uke for me…For one, it was priced even better at $150 with all accessories shipped to my door. Now I do know that buying a quality instrument is important in getting into a new hobby and from what I’d seen online of videos and reviews, the sound quality does not suffer terribly despite its reduced size. It’s a sprucetop like the one I was about to buy, and like it, not overly handsome or ugly…But. BUT. It’s portable. It’s so small, I can fit it into my hiking bag without eating up appreciable amounts of space and I could take it bagpacking with me when I go overseas again (which I’m planning to do after E-Corps). My main concern though is that being so small, it will be hard to play with my massive hands…I actually didn’t see a single complaint about it online though, so I’ve my fingers crossed. I played with a Lanakali Concert at GuitarWorld last weekend and it wasn’t overly hard to hold, so the Travel Uke Tenor should be comparable (I hope). I might have to make a Youtube video log and try and become an internet celebrity and stuff (or just keep track of my new hobby).

But as of now I need to go put my eyes (contacts) in and get ready; Ben’s coming over to give me a ride to Luis’ place so we can roll some dice. Ben’s DMing a 1-shot this weekend and I’ll run next weekend again. I think I’ll make a gaming log for just that game sometime.

Horray, Ukulele!!

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