My Kala Travel Uke arrived yesterday!! Now if only I could find time to play it…I came home from work, gave it a single strum, laughed maniacally, then put it down, cleaned the bathroom, walked to Walgreens and the Chinese restaurant down the road, came back and watched "The Archer and the Sorceress" for Camp Movie Night with Randy and Cynthia, then put the ingredients for my chili in the crock before going to bed.

I think they forgot to put the pitch pipe it was supposed to come with, but included a business card in the box. How thoughtful.

This morning smells of meaty deliciousness.

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    • Indeed it was; though I’ve given veggie options a shot, everytime I think about it I can’t help but come back to the pork, or turkey, or whatever else I care to add to it. I tend to sub those for beef for health reasons…

  1. Well hey, that pitch pipe won’t get them any more business so it’s barely important compared to the all mighty business card!


    How was the chili?

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