Need to use my time wisely today…I just returned from my second spike camping trip, out to San Antonio to work on Mission San Jose. It was an interesting trip. The work was somewhat dull, dusting, a bit of respackling, rearranging of items within storage units, washing and whitewashing the walls…Mostly preparatory work for when new exhibits would be put in and helping the park staff organize it’s things. But I did learn quite a bit about the history of South Texas there, which was a great bonus. I did not know the Spanish method of colonizing the New World was, according to an informative video, to send just a few priests in along with a few skilled laborers and convert the native people to turn them into willing Spanish citizens. I mean, I knew that the purpose of the missions was to convert and spread Christianity, but I did not know that it was the main engine behind the Spanish colonial engine.

It lends strong credence towards Richard Dawkins’ theory of the meme, I can’t help but notice. Dawkins describes religions as basically "thought-viruses," that hijack our minds and evolve over time to best maintain their integrity and accelerate their spread. In short, they evolve. It sounds utterly ridiculous at first, but thinking about the growth and adaptation over time of most of the missionary religions, their evolution from aggressive, exclusionary faiths to more tempered, "rationalist" faiths, fitting themselves to the mold of the masses as history progresses…And I can’t help but compare the missions to a virus, hijacking the "cell" of the New World by taking the substance of its land to create new cities for its vectors. And it takes the "untapped potential" of the indigenous people, reprogramming them the way a virus inserts its own RNA into a host cell so they then spread more "viruses" when they meet their fellows…I’m sure Dawkins meant for the negative connotations to remain, but I do not…Sort of. I’m just expounding on Dawkins’ theory because my trip to San Antonio made me think more about it.

So YEA. Using time wisely…I need to do laundry today, find a desk and hopefully a dresser for my room, practice the Uke some more, and work on the D&D game for tomorrow…So I need to get off of here for now, but I just wanted to write a bit about what’s been floating around in my mind since this spike.

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  1. Interesting theory. I don’t think it’s too far off but I’m sure I wouldn’t bring it up around the dinner table with my family. Heh.

    Good luck using your time wisely. I’m prepping for my D&D game that starts in 3 hours. Sure, I had 2 weeks to work on it but that’s no fun; gotta do it at the last minute!

    Tonight’s plans for D&D, as fully fleshed out as I have them:

    1. Bank robbery gone bad
    2. The PCs get jumped in their sleep where they think they’re safe.



    • Thanks; I ended up having a memorable session as I will shortly outline in a new post. How did your game fare?

      • It didn’t go anywhere near the way I thought it would and we didn’t get to either of those situations. *shrugs slightly* So be it. They all had a good time with what happened and now I have two scenarios that will be fun in the future!

  2. The missions are cool to explore. Matt and I went there during a day trip during a recent summer (I think our pics are on facebook or flickr). He used to live in San Antonio when he went to school, but never visited. He is really good at finding cool places to explore, now that I think on it…

    And to add to your thoughts on memes/religion, you have to wonder what “cultish” religions that we poke fun at today might be main stream in a few hundred or thousand years from now, considering that’s pretty much how religions start out. Makes me wonder sometimes, anyways 🙂

    • Re. cultish religions, I’m reminded of the episode of the Simpsons where at the very end 1000 years hence, two armies meet and expound on their differences on Bartonic doctrine, saying “the Holy One said to eat thine shorts…” and the other army taking something equally ridiculous as the word of God. And, failing to agree, they clash on the battlefield…

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