Rashemen Campaign Updates

So today was a great D&D Game!

A long session too; 5 hours this time, to make up for the 3.5 that I ran last time. A long story short, my buddy Randy gave me an excellent idea that I put to use this game. Nefistys and Kane ended up going to Taporan, a nearby small town and visiting a shrine to the Triple Goddess and making an offering there. The shrine I detailed extensively:

The first is Bhalla, the Earthmother, done in red granite to symbolize the power of the land. The second is Khellaria, the Huntress, done in green jade symbolizing the woodlands. And the third is the Hidden One, crafted of white marble, symbolizing magic and the Weave. All three goddesses wear the white masks of the Wychlaran, and stand holding a bowl of grey feldspar.

The bowl represents the land of Rashemen, and a series of candles along the sides represent the guardian spirits of the land. Above the bowl is an inverted smaller bowl with more candles. This represents the Night Above and the spirits within, including Selune and the sun. And capping it all is a golden sphere of magical light that cascades with crystal clear water. The magical light represents the celestial realms, and the water, the blessings from it. The water trickles down from the sphere into the bowl, and from there to the surrounding pool. The expanse of water shows the rest of the world; the three Goddesses standing alone on an island of emptiness, uplifting and protecting the land of Rashemen. A Knowledge (Religion) check gave each character information appropriate to the check in interpreting the meaning of the shrine.

Each character (naturally the party split so I had to jump through hoops to bring them all back together again!) arrived facing their patron goddess (though we had a 1-shot player for this session, he arrived facing the Hidden One). Amazingly, Kane decided to tap into his amulet of Augury’s power, and commune then and there with the Hidden One, seeking guidance on the road ahead! It fit perfectly with what I had in mind anyways, so as he started concentrating on his amulet, I had it grow cold and clammy in his grasp, condensation beginning to form on it. And without further warning, water began trickling from between his fingertips, down onto the ground, and making a waving line towards the pool, whose candles began to gutter and water began to darken, forming a deep purple, almost black expanse of utterly still water. With that, a maiden composed of swirling globes of liquid, animated water took shape before them; a Water Weird (see Monster Manual II for those who actually care to read this far). Which was perfect because they are oracular beings as it is; the Weird (Accoostharathissimus – pronounced breathlessly, like running water) was sent as a divine emissary of Khellaria to give advice to the two Chosen Ones. I kind of banked on them not having an immediate single question ready, so they didn’t ask the best of questions, but then the Wierd was certainly going to answer truthfully but of course cryptically, so it worked out well. Kane asked if they would return home to Stingard without any trouble and the Wierd responded that although they would make it home, it is there that their struggles would begin. Nefistys asked about a certain half-hagspawn they were about to go and attempt to haggle for magic items and information from and the Wierd warned him that Annestra offers much but asks for more and to be wary of her.

And before dissipating into the pool, she told them to stand strong, knowing they have the full support the the Three in their endeavors and that the strength of their conviction will continue to light their path in the darkness to come. And as she spoke, a single tear of light shimmering pink and blue like an opal leaked from her eyes, trailed down her cheek, across her breast, and into her shoulder, trailing inside of her arm as a globe of water took form in her palm, and eventually the tear lodged itself within. She then placed the tear between the two characters and told them that when their need was most dire, she would be there to answer their summons. (In retrospect, I should have specified that they call her by name haha) So the characters gained the temporary service of an exceedingly powerful elemental spirit…Their "holy shit," get out of jail free card, should it come to that. I’m not overly concerned with it’s power level, to be honest; the characters know it’s extremely powerful, so they’ll be loathe to use it. I can think of one encounter I have planned soon where they might see fit to use it, but even then, the option should not ruin things.

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