To my Uke Fan Club…

Seeing as most of my Uke fan club happens to also be Livejournal users…The next video I keep talking about; it’s coming, I swear…It’s been a hectic weekend, actually! But I’ve enough fodder for a new video; just have to get around to making it. I’ve all of the major chords memorized now (!!!) I’m actually pretty proud of myself. I’m still baffled by how one transitions from one to another so quickly, but I imagine with patience it will come. This is exactly what I needed…A project I can dedicate myself to and see growth through applied effort. As I’ve said before, this is a form of meditation, really…I’m trying to break out of my habit of giving up if I don’t obtain instant mastery, and so far I’m sticking to it. 

I’ll post when I get the new vid up on HatesMakingUsernames’ channel. Until then, if you haven’t already done so; subscribe! Make me a Youtube celebrity and you won’t be forgotten during my rise to stardom!!!

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  1. ra-ra-ra-rock me Amadeus


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