Writing Opportunity

So my old roommate Jason’s given my an opportunity to do some writing, and potentially get published for it. He works for Wierd magazine now, and they have a column titled "Altered States." This column uses immersive, "Gonzo-style" writing to completely immerse the reader in the situation at hand. And generally they’re along the lines of extreme experiences, drugs, thrills…Altered states, as the name implies. The sample writing he gave me goes thusly:

I couldn’t move. But I didn’t want to. The light enveloped my vision and tugged at every atom in my body. There was no fighting. The was only release of my ego into the experience.

Kind of gives you a feel for the column…I think I can do this. But I’m having some minor difficulty settling on a subject matter. Meditation experiences seem the most obvious, but I’m not sure I have many that translate well into writing, save one. The loving kindness meditation I did for my mother back in Auckland that gave me a wierd experience along the way. I might try and duplicate that tomorrow evening to get a fresh perspective on it, although in doing so, not starting with a clean slate, I’m more or less bound to fail at it. But it’s worth a shot.

Writing for Altered States probably isn’t going to get me any pay, seeing as none was mentioned. It just sounds like I’ve an opportunity to get published, and that’s a big step towards my goal of becoming a travel writer. Being able to call myself a published author looks great on the resume, plus this is valuable experience if the paper wants me to write more columns in the future. According to Jason (who is currently playing Call of Cthulu boardgame with Mike outside my room) Wierd magazine is a big hit among the alternative crowd in San Marcos in particular, but suffers from severe competition from The Onion and the Austin Chronicle here in Austin. Still…50,000 copies distributed amonst coffee shops and other alternative scene hot-spots means I could get some ideas out to a lot of ppl.

Guess there’s no reason NOT to try, now is there?

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  1. I think this is an awesome opportunity 🙂

    Not sure if this will help or not, but my dad found this site for me, and it has some pretty cool insights with meditation, maybe they will spark something for you, or just help out with your meditation : http://www.soulflight.com/more-insights.html

    Yes, a group to RenFaire sounds awesome. We’ll talk more soon!

    Good luck with your writing 🙂

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