Couch to 5K…Success!

So I completed the first day of Couch to 5K today…Did the recommended track and I feel…Pretty darn good about the whole thing. Physically, I feel unchanged…After a few alternations between jogging and walking, I had a slight rib stitch for about a minute, but quickly found my pace and it disappeared, and it was smooth sailing the entire time. Barely even breathed hard. Even so, I’m doing it as per the recommendations, because I might feel entirely different another day; plus I want to be able to acclimate my body as well as possible.

BUT. What was truly interesting was the mental stimulation running provided. The sense of well-being I gained from that brisk jog was noticeable and profoundly affected my mood. Just a nice endorphin kick following a good exercise that we all get. I will say that jogging and then showering afterwards takes a sizable chunk out of the scant few hours of free time I have before having to get ready for bed and another workday…But I think a M/W/F routine is pretty doable. Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to find time for this AND the meditation meets AND dinner AND work prep Wednesday nights…Oy. But at least I’m keeping active, though my Uke practice is suffering…So far its been mostly a Saturday routine, but I need to work in some more time if I’m going to improve faster!

Still…Runner’s high! Feeling great! Ended the evening with a nice shrimp and herb salad I put together, with some green bean casserole my roomie Cynthia made, and a big glass of OJ. Plenty of nutrients for tomorrow’s workday (which will hopefully involve less heavy rocks to strain my wrist…) And with that…Off to bed.

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  1. Finding the time is key – I think once you work it in and get going for a couple weeks, it will all fall into place nicely. I think that’s why I feel great right now. I finally have a workout/work/meditation/volunteer routine that works great for me! I thrive in routine though, so your results may vary. If you ever need a ride to meditation, let me know (if that helps you work in running!).

    Love that feeling of well being too, BTW. I say it 90% mental, because I am soooo good at talking myself out of working out, but I always feel awesome once I am done. The best kind of sore!

  2. Once I get a schedule for work I’ll probably be going to the gym M-W-F at 5:30 in the morning. Right now, finding the time to fit it in is a bit of a pain. Good luck figuring out all your stuff!

    Oh, and dinner’s easy – protein bar on the go! You couldn’t possibly need more than that, right? 😉

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