Getting dusty here…

Oy…So much to catch up on. I’d hoped today would be the day I sat down in front of the computer for two or three hours and did some detailed updating of this Livejournal because there was some seriously pivotal, life-changing stuff that’s gone down in these past few weeks, but the task was just too daunting…Especially while surrounded by mountains of trash and dirty clothes that needed washing, a Uke that’s been sitting in my corner unused for a few days, a beautiful spring day, itchy eyes that needed medicating, procrastination that needed fulfillment. In my defense, it was a highly productive day; I just didn’t get to the Livejournal this time around…

But some highlights, which WILL be discussed in greater detail soon:

My visit to Delaware; seeing my father for the first time in years, arguing over religion and morality, seeing Jeremiah and Maria for a day of fun, coming out of the closet to my mother and stepfather and arguing over religion and morality even more…Long story short; it was fun with plenty of highs but I needed a vacation from that vacation when I returned to Austin…

The Sherwood Renaissance Festival I went with Adele to and the awesomeness that ensured…Especially visiting the psychic and getting a second Palm/Tarot card reading…

Couch to 5K and my epic slackage in that regard…

Environmental Corps and such…

All of these stellar topics will be discussed in greater detail once I find a moment; but for now, I hope it’s enough for you that I still live…So yea. Hi dear reader! How are you tonight?

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  1. Wow. So you did come out to them while you were down here. I was really looking forward to hearing about you coming out over Thanksgiving dinner…


    Seriously, I’m proud of you/happy for you that you were able to take that step.

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