Just got back from the gym..

Just got back from my second trip to the South Austin Rock Gym. I’m surprised by my energy levels, honestly; I went there right after work with my friend Aaron just like before. And this time as well, not only did I go for an hour and a half straight with moderate rest periods, but we then did a belaying course, which is instruction on how to use the ropes, carobeaners, and gripping devices used in scaling walls. And still monkeyed around for a few minutes afterwards! I recall trying the gyms once back in Buffalo and utterly failing at it. Take THAT retail-Earl!

Only downside is having less time in the evenings to do stuff. Now off to shower and bed, for I have to be up for work in the morning…I won’t feel it tomorrow…But Friday the workout will really hit me and I’ll be a slug! But if I keep it up, I’ll be ripped like some of the climbers we were seeing at the gym; they were literally hanging by two or three fingers from rocks in some cases! Crazy..

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  1. Are you working on becoming the tallest ninja in existence?

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