Good News, Bad News, So-So News

High Point: Frozen Yoga Fridays might be my new weekly outing! I went to my second Power Yoga class at the Black Swan on 5th st. It’s an intense yoga class that emphasises strength as well as flexibility. The poses, while deceptively graceful, have me sweating buckets by the end! The thing about it that I enjoy most, I think, is that although my muscles are trembling and I’m panting near the end, there isn’t the achy torn up feeling that you get after a gym workout…Just a "runner’s high," that quickly fades into a general sense of well-being. You feel limber and centered, rather than just plain beat. And conveniently, Amy’s Ice Cream is just a couple of blocks away…Generally considered to be some of the best ice cream in Austin, it really captures the alternative flavor of the town. The menus are done in chalk by artistic youngsters with goofy names for the recipes…I went with the bourbon custard with a heath crush-in…And wished I’d bought a size larger as I’d devoured it before crossing a single block on my way back to the bus stop. What a way to spend an evening!

Low Point: Randy moved out today…I’m pretty bummed by this. He was definitely one of my best friends and someone I really felt comfortable leveling with about anything. His girlfriend Cynthia complemented him like no couple I’ve ever seen and I enjoyed her company just as much…It’s just too quiet in the house without the sound of their speakers booming to "Left for Dead 2" and Randy knocking on my door to tell me what his character did in "Second Life." He’s been gone 12 hours and I’m already missing him…It’s really rare for me to make such a strong bond with someone; I don’t really know what to do, frankly, other than just suck it up and live with it. I’m probably going to move into the room they were sharing since its a bit more spacious, so that’s a plus.

Medium Point(s):

– starting what will probably be my favorite book of all time. Megan bought me a copy of "Creation," by Gore Vidal. Some of his other titles intrigue me…But this one is about the tale of Cyrus Spitima, grandson of Zoroaster, who, under the Persian Kings Darius and Xerxes in the 5th century B.C., travels not only across Persia but to Greece, India, and China, ostensibly to secure trade alliances with the nations to finance a war against Greece. But Cyrus ends up questing for the meaning of life and meets, among others, Buddha and Confucius, in his questing. It has a strong intrigue flavor as I’m finally getting through the tales of Persian court politics, but it wasn’t nearly over the top or hard to follow. Except for the historical names…Some of them were too confusing to properly track the characters; at one point we had Hippias, Histaieus, and Hystapses all in the same room…Gah!

– also starting a kombucha culture; I obtained a starter mushroom cutting from Andrew from work, so this will be a fun project I’m thinking about starting a photo log about. I picked up a glassware container from the Thrift store down the way that has a spigot on the side of it; perfect for tapping the kombucha without damaging either the mushroom or getting the grit that’s supposed to form after awhile…I’m trying to experiment with probiotics, really. After improving my diet with yoghurt and supplementing with a bit of storebought kombucha, sparing you the interesting digestive details, I found my overall health definitely improved. Plus, a bit of extra research has me interested in the micro-biosphere within us all. So yea! Kombucha! Yum-boat!

– gonna try and see Luis on Sunday…I emailed him to check in and see what was up. And he sent me a medium-length email back talking about how depressed he’s been, for seemingly no reason. He’s in a real bad patch; drinking and not doing anything but slothing around on Mafia Wars and its making him worse. So I’m gonna check on him…Thing is, I can’t tell what he wants from me. He tells me he’s super-depressed and mopes…But when I try and help he doesn’t want anything to do with me. It’s weird, and a little frustrating…But then, the mind is a complicated thing. And I do consider Luis a friend, even if we never hang out…And I do still have a tiny crush on him. And I definitely identify with depression caused by the grind of life, and will do what I can to alleviate it. So I’m going over to his place Sunday and see if (assuming he finds the energy to open the door, which he might not do if he’s been drinking on Saturday) if he just wants to sit and talk. That’s one thing I really like about him; he’s one of the few people I can talk to for 6 hours straight and not lack for conversation, and that’s special.. 

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  1. Now, as everyone knows, I have never been moody and depressed. It just doesn’t happen to me! That being said, if I WERE moody and depressed what I’d really want to hear from friends is simply that they’re there for me and that they understand if I don’t want to talk but that they’ll listen if I do.

    But if they say it over, and over, and over, then it feels like pushing. It’s a really fine line to walk, and those that are depressed and moody aren’t really good at letting you know when you’re too close, or when you haven’t pushed enough.

    Moody people, for the record, can be bitches.

    • Yea…I definitely pushed too hard once before with him and it made things awkward for awhile. But I’m learning better where that line lies with him and I think I can do some good. So I’ll keep these words in mind on Sunday.

      Moody people can be UBER-bitches; and I think that label applies to everyone at some point so this point deserves emphasis lol. Just so we remember when we feel moody.

  2. I know when my lows hit, sometimes I just want someone there, just to be there with me, share my space, time, pain etc. Be it Matt or a friend. Sometimes it’s just comforting to know other people care, even if you don’t have the emotional energy to show them or tell them at the time. And honestly, sometimes I don’t (even though I know it’s not the best for me). I think, as a manic depressive, the depression part is the worst, and much harder to manage/deal with etc. Taking time out for a friend who is dealing with any part of that is such a wonderful thing, and I am very happy to see you doing this. I’m not surprised, though 🙂 What a great friend 🙂

    • Well he decided he was fine and was just having a rough patch, so I didn’t go over…Did pass on my number and a bit of advice, in case things go south again though. I guess that’s all one can do really; some battles are best fought solo; but KNOWING there’s backup around the corner when you need it might just be enough.

  3. i still need you friends’ steam name! i keep meaning to ask, and hillbillychainsaw isn’t ringing any results

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