Fungus tea and hookas – great way to chill on a weekend!

So I’ve finally broken out my kombucha culture from the closet, and, having been a full week, am drinking it now for the first time. It took me awhile to work up the nerve, frankly, because it looks kind of scary. I mean, kombucha kinda does to begin with; but drinking it in a glass bottle with a label makes my brain think it’s far safer because it looks so…Professionally done; as opposed to this homegrown stuff, where I know exactly what I put into it; read a dozen times from various sources on how to do it, and followed the directions to the letter. I wonder if that’s a reflection on the importance I put on appearance and what influences my eating decisions…But that’s a slight tangent. Kombucha! Well…It kind of looks like stale pee. It’s a slightly cloudy, sickly yellow color and worse, it has strings of fungus-bacteria colony floating in it. Ew. Oh, but those are actually HEALTHY! They’re probiotic colonies of beneficial yeast that reorder your digestive bacteria…I can say with confidence (while sparing you the bathroom details) that I have seen improvements in my health everytime I drink kombucha or eat yogurt. 

So it looks like old pee…Taste, however…It’s rather tangy; the vinegar taste is there, but muted by the sugar and the green tea base. Incidentally, I chose peppermint tea as the base tea to be fermented and the flavor remains strong in this kombucha! The sweetness isn’t overwhelming, luckily; another sign that I waited the correct amount of time before drinking some. it’s slightly effervescent, too…A hint of sparkling that really adds a strange texture with the tangy tartness and sweet background of the kombucha. Interestingly; don’t ever smell the kombucha before drinking if you’ve ever done it because while it smells like vinegar it tastes nothing like it, and it might scare you off otherwise…I’ve a few friends who I know would be interested in trying my homemade fungus tea, but I think I’m going to wait and see if I die over the weekend before I share it. If so, then don’t touch my stuff; I want to be buried with all of it…As well as with everybody who reads this post, for you are a true friend and will accompany me in the afterlife.

This has been a weekend of new experiences; just yesterday I went to the Kasbah; a hookah lounge in north downtown Austin. First time doing that; it was interesting. Met my friend Aaron from work and he picked up a jasmine hookah and I, chocolate mint. Wow. I could get into that! It was super chill and the owner had the place laid out like a Moroccan lounge, with low couches mounted into the wall with cushions, curtains and tapestries on the walls, mounted plates, wooden beamed ceilings…They also specialized in coffee and tea, which were served in ornate metal tea pots. Pretty swank. My only complaint is that on the way home from the lounge I definitely felt nauseous for about an hour afterwards…Maybe my body rejecting the nicotine and bit of smoke/oxygen deprivation? My virgin lungs stung and heaved at first; but by the end of the night I was practicing smoke rings. I think I could definitely do it again sometime; tho I think I’ll spring for lemon-mint, rose or jasmine again. I got tired of the chocolate mint pretty quickly; especially after drinking some of Aaron’s Moroccan mint tea, which was far too sweet for my liking.

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  1. It’s a good thing I didn’t read the part about joining you in the afterlife so that I remain safe. *nods sagely*

    And if that doesn’t work I swear that if you entomb me I will do bad things that ensure you do not rise again. Yeah, that’s right. I’ll paradise-block you.

    • Oh darn, I was really looking forwards to…Waittaminute!

      What is there to worry? Pharaohs and Chinese Emperors all had their loyal servants – er FRIENDS all buried with them, to party in the afterlife! I mean, cmon! It’s bound to be fun there!

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