Pages from the Journal of Gavrus Firth, High Justicar of Pharasma

23 Myrtul 1017

The hardest thing about being a servant of the Lady is KNOWING that you’re a servant of the Lady. That without belief, without FAITH…You have nothing but weak flesh and misty ideas. Faith in an ideal…In a purpose…In a god or goddess or deva or devil. Faith is the driving force behind the actions of individuals, communities, nations, and deities. As a priest of the Goddess of Prophecy, I feel it with a rare clarity that only a fellow ecclesiastic can know. I KNOW that faith is a physical – nay, cosmological force in this multiverse. Yet, for so powerful a force, it can waver like a blade of grass in a gale, no matter how staunch we pretend to be.

While doing Pharasma’s will, I had the toughest challenge of my life today and witnessed brave companions fall under the gruesome talons of abominations for the second time in my life. And once again, I was powerless to prevent it. My weapons failed me, my blessings faltered, and my flesh yielded. Yet I persevere. Faith guides these hands, these guns, this pen. Faith.

~ Gavrus

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  1. LOVE the journal. This is awesome.

    On the lighter side of things, have you read The List of Things Mr. Glen Is No Longer Allowed To Do?

    He’s up to 1775 or so these days. All RPG related. 😀

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