Weird sleep schedule this weekend. First I did Frozen Yoga Fridays and went to an early Yoga class followed by Amy’s Ice Cream to start off the evening. I was disappointed; the instructor in the early class was barely audible and not nearly as intense a director as Mike at 7 tends to be. Mike has me sweating buckets; she only had me sweating liters.

Hmm..I was up waaay too late on Friday night as I went to go see my buddy Nick play at the Hole in The Wall bar with my E-Corps friends after yoga/ice cream. It was a great time, but the music went a lil overlate, and naturally Nick’s band was the last to play. So rather than ending at 11:30, we all filed out at 1:50. Had to catch the Night Owl 484 home at 2:40 and didn’t actually fall asleep until around 3:40. Well that kind of sucked; normally I do D&D on Saturdays, but getting up at 10 am to be ready was just too rough, and I cancelled out and hung out. It was nice; went to Madam Mam’s for a delicious Thai spread, did some walking, laundry, went to Borders, but by that time the lack of sleep and overindulgence of food started to kick in and I began to feel super-sleepy. So I made it back home in time to crash at 6:15 pm and ended up sleeping part of the night away. I woke up at 2:30 am, body clock thoroughly wonked, played a game of Dota and did some email stuff, went back to sleep at 4, then awoke again at 8 am. And now here I am.

It’s Sunday…Looking to be a beautiful day and I’m listening to Koyaanisquatsi on Pandora (oh so well used in "The Watchmen") and wishing it would let me restart the song…I think I’ll start off with a run today and see where things go from there. Been a great weekend! How about yours?

Well I definitely cannot do Mandarin classes this Fall because I’d never be able to go on spike again if I did. On the other hand…I’m in a prime position to…Well, SCAM Americorps out of my education award. Something that quite a few of my friends have done and have shown me how to do. Well, I’m not sure it’s scamming when its money I earned by being paid less than minimum wage, but it technically is since the $$ is supposed to only be used for education purposes. Well, seeing as I need some dental work done ASAP, I think that having a working face counts as working towards my education. Basically, I’m going to finish registering for classes, Americorps will pay ACC for the classes plus a huge extra chunk of money I’m dropping in as if to take more, then I plan to drop and get a fat check from Austin Community College as a refund. Been done enough times by my friends to pay for everything from beer to cars, so I’m not too worried this’ll fail. My second right molar cracked right after PDF (and three Mountain Dews a day for five days) and I think it’s pitting further.


Edit: Well, it seems I used "well" four times in a row in the last paragraph. Interesting…What’s the subconscious link there? Guilt? Must investigate further. And so this post becomes a meditation…

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  1. You may want to friend-lock this post so it’s not found by Am. Corp.

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