A coherent summary of my previous post.

Freedom of Speech is an American right, true, but the danger behind this act is that this goes beyond our national borders and inflames the world. Burning flags and Bibles here thus far has only angered AMERICANS; and having the right of Freedom of Speech means that sometimes you have to put up with other people’s BS too; hence all the irreverence to the Bible being legally defended and constitutional. It has nothing to do with RIGHT vs LEFT politics. If this act were solely confined to American borders, rather than being exported to the far corners of the world by the media, American Muslims would have to put up with it like everyone else does.

The problem…And danger of this…is the far reaching nature of this act, given the volatile nature of religious tolerance in the US, its less than popular overseas policy and the slowly spreading Islamophobia in progress. In short; it’s legal, but American just doesn’t need this right now.

That makes a bit more sense. Now to reward myself with a trip to the dentist.

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