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Well I’ve made "progress" in my Asia goals; the schools are actually looking towards the next term, and I’m FINALLY starting to hear back from some of them. Well, two of them, anyways. But two of the most interesting; ALWAYS is a sizable English cram school, based in the Jinan area that caters to children…It’s roughly the same latitude as Maryland, so probably in the snow belt, which I was looking to avoid…Pictures of the area look beautiful, however, and I’m smack-dab in the middle of the urban sprawl of China’s East Coast, so there would never be a shortage of things to do or places to see. The email I received in response just now was a bit…Frustrating, however. Maybe because I’ve easily sent FIFTY emails out so far with my resume, passport photo, photos of both sides of my diploma, a letter of recommendation, and recent photos of  myself:

"Hi Earl

How are you? I have deleted all your inofrmation. To be honest I am interested in talking with you but we did not keep in contact. please send me your former information again if you are seriou and still truely interested in teaching in ALWAYS. I do not want to waste any time of both of us..All the best  Gao"

…What?? It took me 4 days to get a letter of recommendation and respond!…Gah. Ok; can’t be picky. At least I’ve finally received more than one email from a place! Be cool. After all, I never heard back from Korla, which might not have been a bad thing, being on the edge of one of the world’s harshest deserts.

I also heard back today from another facility, this one in Taiwan, as well. I think I’m most keen on Taiwan as a potential foothold into Asia; the weather is tropical, its close to Japan, China, the Phillipines and SE Asia, the economic situation is just as booming, cool area photos…Ok, I admit I haven’t researched Taiwan as much as I have China, though I do have a somewhat romantic notion of a super-liberal island considering its political situation with mainland China. However, the pay also seems better for English teachers there; as much as $1800/month, and a free place to stay (like other Asian English-teaching jobs). I don’t have teaching english as a second language certification, but they say they can get me into a cram school easily enough. They’re just as disorganized…After sending out a second email asking if they were still interested, I get in response:

"Hi Earl
Please contact Linda for cram school position detail. Jeff

Right on! So, I’ve contacted Linda and resent EVERYTHING to head off the initial questions. Now, fingers crossed, hoping I can make this work! Speaking of work…I need to get out of my pajamas and into some dickies; 3-day weekend is over and time to get back to it…2 more months remain!

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  1. Snow belt? Silly Earl – they’re on the other side of the world and it works differently there! That’s like the TROPICS, duh!


    Seriously, good luck. Sounds like they’re a bit disorganized but I’m glad you’re getting some contacts back finally.

    • Everyone knows kung-fu and lives in monasteries on top of cloud-covered mountains; I’ve seen it on Google Earth! I keep asking how long until I can break boards with my pinky but they never write back…

      Yea; Taiwan seems a bit better organized though. Even their websites are neater and more professional. Fingers crossed!

  2. 🙂

    One of Derek’s childhood friends moved to Taiwan this summer. He’s not a teacher, he somehow transferred to Taiwan from his current job, something to do with music and CDs. I’m sure he’d love to talk about it, he’s been enjoying it there. His name’s Mike Lasota, you can find him on Facebook on my (or Derek’s) list of friends. Everything is really cheap there, apparently. Good luck!

    • Re: 🙂

      I sent him a message via Facebook; thanks for the contact! Yea, being a teacher in Asia apparently has great benefits; and it’s super-easy to live frugally there. A major advantage over New Zealand, which, once I’d used up my American dollars it was more or less the same in cost of living expenses.

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