China Remains Priority!

So I’m starting to get back into the swing of things with China…As you well know by now, I did land a job in Jinan, China. I’ll be teaching English there, starting February for classes of 15-25 students of all ages, mostly younger to adolescent youth. I am…Pumped, to say the least. But now that the "pumped" part is fading, I need to buckle down and get to the truly difficult portion; namely making it actually happen. New Zealand was difficult in some ways, but I did learn quite a bit from the experience in how the process works. China, however, is a step above, financially and buerocratically (yes I know this isn’t a word) speaking. Mostly because China decided back in the 60’s and 70’s to slam American visitors with the same fees and dues America places on people looking to come here…Pretty sure I mentioned this way back when in this dusty ol’ journal.

So namely, I have to throw down $140 for the Visa application process, plus another chunk of change because I need to get a rather in-depth physical examination to prove my "worthiness," which could cost another $100-200. And oh, by the way, one can’t simply mail your passport to the embassy…you have to either do it in person (aka. travel to Houston), or do it via a few specially certified agencies, all of which will ding your wallet good. My local travel agency wants $75…Ugh. And THEN there’s the plane ticket: $700 average one-way to Jinan. Relocation overseas is PRICEY…I’ve totaled my savings, plus expected earnings for the rest of the year and I should be able to squeeze through with JUST enough to survive on until my first paycheck (since my money will go a good deal further there)…I just don’t relish going back to the "famine" portion of feast or famine. This is one thing I’m REALLY excited about; my  new job will be paying for so much, plus my comfortable salary…I think I would be well advised to spend at least 2 years there and really build a steady financial base; something I’ve almost never had since I’ve moved out of my home. And from there, I could do more than squeak by in Asia and (hopefully) Europe. Yes, Europe; I’m a long-range planner =P Except when I’m not.

SO…Here I sit. I wrote a similar post a year ago before my trip to New Zealand…Wondering…Projecting…Planning. And naturally, things turned out entirely different from what I expected. The future tends to be like that; there are simply too many unknowns. The unknowns are what make things so scary for me sometimes. Yet I’ve also come to realize that the unknowns are where opportunity lies. The comfortable, the known…"The greater the risk, the greater the reward." It’s a truism. Though I think I’d like my next trip to NOT have the very real possibility of being stranded in a foreign country if the work doesn’t cut out. Not that I’m overly concerned by that; I’m actually really excited to try my hand at teaching and maybe get TESL certification, which would make me shine if I decided to teach in other countries. But one never knows…

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  1. when you get there tell me if their chickens are orange

  2. I am happy for you, by the way (sorry I haven’t posted, but I have been following your progress). make sure we hang before you leave though!

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