Halloween n’ Stuff!

Halloween was entirely amusing; as usual! I almost was a homebody and stayed back inside to play more "League of Legends," a free MMORPG that I am entirely addicted to at this point. But I forced myself to get out and see 6th street, which proved to be as spectacular as it was two years back for me. At the last second, Adele gave me a funny idea for a costume; that of a serial killer, since they "look just like the rest of us." Well, I decided that just would not do, so I went out to Walgreen’s and bought a "People" magazine for the first time in my entire life. Followed by a small notebook, scissors, tape, etc..And made a BFF-style book, full of creepy cut-outs, many of them torn or X’ed out, and a short story about "Charles" and "Susan". I also had a "Hello, my name is:" nametag, with an entirely too long message written on it, and a garbage bag full of "lumpy items" (supposed to be chopped up bodies, but was, in fact laundry – I was out of bodies) I thought it was pretty clever. However, it turned out to be a waste of $20, since I had all of 3 people even ask what I was supposed to be =(

I did go to the Elysium and caught a ton of amused stares by dancing with my "friends." To them I say YOU try having any rhythm whatsoever while wielding a lumpy, slowly tearing garbage bag full of towels and underwear. And then I ended up missing my bus back and had to catch a taxi, which was mildly sucky. $15 I would rather not have spent; now that I’m gearing up to travel, every expense I make grudgingly.

I’ll try and get some pics up here; I DO have this shiny premium account full of storage space; I might as well do something with it. Plus it’s been far too long since I’ve taken any pictures of any sort and that should change.

SPEAKING of grudging expenditures…My "new" iPod I got off of eBay is shot. Hard drive failure. $130 wasted in three weeks. Fuck. Ing. AAAAA!!!! I had an actual music library for the first time in my life; I was exploring all this music the seller uploaded that’s old to everyone else on the planet…And then THAT. That’s what I get for breaking my own rule: NEVER buy used electronics. NEVER. that’s what I always tell people, and then what do I do?

Cockballs…Oh, and no, its not covered via eBay’s customer protection; bought it as "used." And it worked when I received it, and I managed to drop it a few times because the back of the unit’s slick as hell, and I imagine it’s previous owner probably did too, so I can’t blame him for it not working; especially when I left good feedback already…What burns me most is that Apple says it’s out of warranty now, so I can’t get a replacement.


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