I’m mildly pleased with myself…Two paychecks coming from E-Corps, plus a potential December work project for more $$…I’m paid up for rent in November, and only have my utilities for this month as potential bills…My food stamps renew in a couple of days…Leaving the money that is currently in my bank account for China, and the rest potentially saveable through the holidays and January. $600 plane ticket, $400 for the physical ($150 of which I will get partially reimbursed by my insurance provider), and $200 for the Visa application process.

This might actually just work. And THIS time…Gonna work hard, and make some $$ over there. I really hate fretting over money. Like pretty much all of humanity, I suppose. But I’m feeling fairly positive about all of this!

Next post will be about something other than worries about China, I swear.

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