The Chaos Continues…

So I’ve had a great opportunity all of these months here in Austin, squandered. The school we work out of, American Youthworks, has a gym that the faculty uses, that’s open to anyone who wants to use it. I forgot about it entirely, and I’m kicking myself for that, because I’m just about done with E-Corps now haha. But I’ve a new friend named Dirk, from Germany, and we’re mutually encouraging each other via the net to start back up and get into shape, so I’m going to try anew at getting back over there…Which means overcoming the mental blocks that are keeping me here in front of my computer writing this, rather than going for a run to an ATM, to pick up the $$ I need for my doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

So, tomorrow, I will have a shorter day since my appointment is at 11:15 A.M. After the doctor’s, I’ma stop for lunch and then head back to AYW, work a few more hours since I really can’t afford to miss too much time, and then hit that gym with one of the routines my friend Dirk sent me and see how it goes. My routine will ultimately be disrupted before it ever begins, though, as on Thursday, my crew and I are headed out to Big Bend National Park for a last spike project. A day or two of real work, followed by three of camping out in one of the most beautiful parks in Texas. The last time I went, in 2008, was the first time I got a clear view of the Milky Way. And this time, my buddy Chris will be bringing a telescope for some night time photography.

This shall be a week of epic proportions!

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  1. I know what you mean about squandered opportunities. I keep looking at our tennis court, I have racquets, and no one to play with (Matt keeps saying he will, but he never gets around to it). Ah well. When I find the time I guess..?

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