Motivational Speaker

Okay, you! Enough being a lump…The workout begins today, not tomorrow! Today, you’re going to stretch, go for a run, and then come home and reward yourself with delicious breakfast tacos…Eggs, bacon, broccoli, tomato, cheese…All in a flour tortilla, yum! After that, we’re going to clean up the room a little bit, so you can take a picture of the desk you want to sell on Craigslist, remember? Oh, and don’t forget a nice shower to wash off all the sweat from your intense workout, so you can then go out to the store and look at getting a new shirt or three; professional teachers don’t wear holey jeans and t’s. This is your conscience speaking; you know, the little voice that says "quit wasting time" every time you queue in for another game of League of Legends…And is now repeating himself ad-naseum as you continue typing here, trying to delay the inevitable.

Move it.

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