So, I was reminded of something I missed a ton yesterday. I ran into my friend James, who I haven’t seen in months…He’s doing incredibly well for himself; him and his soon (as in 4 days) to be delivering wife have a slightly larger place, a new vehicle, James has a new job at an upscale car wash…But what I wanted to write about here was while we hung out at his house over tacos and "Get Him to the Greek," (epic movie, BTW) I got to see his fish and firebellied toads…Yea. Pets. I’ve always had pets growing up and I’ve always been an animal-lover. If I could have any pet right now, it would be a black-capped caiqu , similar to the one I hand-raised from a chick back at Honey Hill…A little bird full of personality and charm, but without the noise level of a larger parrot. And of course, a good-sized fish tank, planted..Sand bottom…Full spectrum power compacts…Custom CO2 reactor…And maybe just a Honduran Curly-hair tarantula. Just a small one; say 6 in. leg span.

What?…They’re actually great pets!


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