Wikileaks just keeps getting better..

The newest set of released documents is the center of some serious international and domestic hub-bub right now; as I’m sure you already know! The main site is down for "some reason," but there’s a mirror cableviewer on that’s up and running. I’ve been focusing mainly on China and Iranian relations, but there’s interesting stuff all over the place! I think my favorites so far have to be the urgings from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other Arab countries to do in Tehran if they proceed with their nuclear program. Arab countries begging for Americans to step in, even after the Iraq debacle. Interesting…So I suppose I should comment on how I feel about WIkileak’s activities. Is it entirely possible that people are endangered, international relations harmed, classified programs in jeopardy, and lives put at risk with this release? Absolutely. However being a tax-paying citizen, I fully believe that the government should be acting transparently and in a manner I feel is appropriate. That is why we elect officials; not so they can do what THEY deem is best, but what WE deem best. At least, that’s the idea behind democracy. That said, I’m entirely supportive of this release. I think it necessary, considering the shady dealings that have been amassing for decades of our history, and with this glimpse of transparency, perhaps the government will consider taking different measures with so many more critical eyes turned its way. That said; it’s not all bad, either. This cable on Zimbabwe’s leader Robert Mugabee is a hard analysis of a harsh dictator, and suggests working in the favor of the people of Zimbabwe. I need to read more; only just begun. But I’m all for holding the government accountable for it’s actions. Or perhaps just plain nosy.

There was another funny cable a poster put up on a news website, where it was revealed that China offerred Kazakhstan 3 billion dollars in economic incentives to close down the US base there. They turned it down and an American Kazak diplomat found out; when he confronted his Chinese counterpart on the matter. Apparently the guy was apparently so flattered he lost the ability to speak Russian and stuttered in Mandarin to his aide for a few minutes, before returning with how untrue that could possibly be and that China is a staunch ally against terrorism, etc…

Some of these are so intrigue-laden I’m having to remind myself I’m not reading some novel spun from the imagination of a talented author. I think I’ll look up Guantanamo tomorrow. For now, here’s an interesting psychological analysis of "the Persian Psyche." If any readers have ones they find interesting for any reason, comment and link it so I can read it! (c;

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  1. Aren’t you concerned about your alternate life as a super duper secret double undercover super spy coming out through wikileaks and your life (and the lives of your loved ones) coming under fire????

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