And Stuff…From Delaware!

Well, I received a confirmation email from Shane in Jinan, telling me that I should have received the government invitation letter by now. Basically, this letter is proof to the government in Beijing that someone on their side is looking out for me, has a job lined up…More or less stating that I have a legitimate purpose in China, which can be tricky if you try for a work visa and don't have anything lined up. The problem is, Shane sent it to my TEXAS address. Yeah…I may not have mentioned this (at least not here), but I moved from Austin a few weeks back to my parents house in Delaware. Why? Well I wasn't at all certain that I would be able to find work on short notice after my Americorps term was up, and I needed to save as much money as I could. So…Best way to do that was to move back home, where I don't need to pay for rent or utilities and see my family during the holidays until I get things squared away.

That said, I really hope to do a lot more than just sit in Delaware. I had two visitors come by from Austin last night; Laura Anderson and Erica Baker, two of my Americorps buddies. We hung out, chatted over popcorn and watched "Coffee and Cigarettes." A very strange movie, that…It's a collection of short sketches where two people converse throughout, always awkwardly, with the general theme being "talk over coffee and cigarettes." It's worth watching, if only for its artistic value. I wouldn't call it amazing, I'd just call it curious, at best.

Anywho, Laura drove back to PA as of today, and Erica's going to be in town for a couple more days. And she's never had whole blue crabs before, so I'm planning on buying a dozen for her and her friend Megan to enjoy tonight. I think it will be fun since I've been craving some for a little while myself now! Mmm…All hot and yummy, with soem mayo-mustard blend and Old Bay! Already excited!

So in other news, I've gotten back into the swing of a workout routine. Another benefit of being at home: my parent's home gym! Full upper body, some minor lower body, plus a treadmill and free weights. No reason NOT to get JACKED before China and really put the fear into my new students! Or, you know, tone up some since I've been super lazy after E-Corps ended and lost all my summer muscle mass. So far so good…It's easy to fall out of it because I've slid so far, but every time I get a great workout in, I swear the colors in the world look that much brighter…The air smells different, sounds seem crisper. The improved blood flow is a minor high and really affects how I approach the rest of the day. See, it's one of those things you do, where it's a tremendous pain to get going, but once you're in the swing of things, and done you say "WOW! I'm so glad I did that!" 

Why can't your brain remember THAT part of it, so it's not so hard to get motivated in the first place?…

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