Me Likey Mucho!

So Mom asked me last night what I thought of the Amazon Kindle as a potential Christmas gift. My initial reaction was "meh." I’d glanced over it before, and for one reason or another not too impressed. The E-book pricing threw me, and when I’d looked into 3G wireless separately, I was appalled by the pricing, so when i saw that the Kindle offered the same coverage, I balked at the hidden costs and said "nah, not all that interested in that device." Well, I was searching Amazon just now for a narrative by the Chinese Monk Fa Xian called "A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms"…Fa Xian was known for bringing many Sanskrit Buddhist texts from India to China in the 5th century AD and wrote a narrative of his travels there. At any rate, I went to look it up on Amazon, since, well I love books. And one of the most painful things about loving books is having to give them up when I travel. I hate…HATE not being able to own a library! But at any rate: Kindle Price: 0.99 cents. Whaaa?? With that, I decided to reinvestigate the Kindle and found that most of my assumptions were far off-base and that this is, in fact, something I desperately require. Even though I’d decided I did not want any more devices of any kind. Except a new camera. And computer upgrades are always welcome. But that’s it…


Free 3G wireless! And yes, it is offered in Jinan, China. Zoiks! That might also mean that I can keep access to my Facebook and Youtube accounts, which would be great seeing as those sites are banned currently on landline connections. But being able to maintain a library for the first time (including magazing subscriptions – I used to collect National Geographic issues) is a dream. Plus, even bestsellers at $10 isn’t so bad when I pay more than that usually for regular books.

Kindle = must have. I can pay a dollar and have a digital copy of the Upanishads appear on my Kindle in 60 seconds. Hope my folks make it happen! Especially as my Amazon Library Selections page is continuing to grow!

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