Family Matters

Going to be away from here for a few days…My stepfather’s uncle passed away recently, and so my parents are driving down to Marietta, GA for the funeral. I will be going too, but not to the funeral. My Great Aunt Juanita on my father’s side lives there, and so I’ll be spending a couple of days with her, catching up and stuff. I want to learn more about her life, and especially gain more information about my father’s side of the family and their relationships, which I know far too little about. Given that my brother and I are the only children on my father’s side it seems pertinent.

I know she has internet, but if she doesn’t have wireless, I’m not about to mess with her cables and crap and will just do without for a couple of days. Or break into her neighbor’s house, tie them up and stuff them in their closets, and use their connection.

In other family news, my Uncle Ken goes under the knife today for prostate cancer, which is something my grandfather also had. So its probably genetically related…At any rate, my thoughts (and blog) go out to him today. Speaking with him on it a few days ago was inspiring really, as he really managed to maintain his sense of humor and optimism throughout our discussion, calling it a…"headache." And then laughing at what he almost called it (a "pain in the ass." ) I hope I can look at life’s curveballs with the same sense of humor.

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  1. Thoughts, condolences, and hugs to you and your family.

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