Vegetarians can coexist with meat-eaters. A vegan won’t hunt, or eat flesh, and if they go to the same restaurant, there are often options for both. Hunters can still hunt in this country, vegans can still graze; no one is (rightfully) demanding the hunter to put down their rifle and eat tofu. One side might try to influence the opinions of others, but generally, they can co-exist. I’m not a vegan, but I see nothing wrong with it and it even has its benefits.That said, why do people think they have to "embrace" gay marriage it in order to accept it?

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  1. I know a few activists who are hung up on the difference between tolerance and acceptance, as well.

    But I agree with you. I don’t necessarily embrace everything, but I agree with people’s rights to do so. I don’t LIKE a lot of things that come out of people’s mouths, but I ACCEPT their right to say them. (They don’t always accept my right to refute them , though ;D)

    • True that re. activists, Mrs. Toad. A friend of mine told me about how upset an acquaintance would get that people would use the word “queer” to mean “strange,” when clearly it had been taken by the gay community as it’s own definition. So activists are hardly in the right all the time either.

      I’m just annoyed, listening to people rant about the repeal of “DADT,” and the obvious next step of gay marriage. It won’t affect them in any possible way other than to scandalize their thoughts that two consenting adults living an alternative lifestyle might have equal rights in this country. It’s a throwback to mixed racial marriages.

      • There’s nothing some people like more than judging people and telling them how to live their lives, instead of respecting other people’s wishes and letting people be.

        I swear, it’s like this goes on in their brain : YOU LIKE THING THAT IS DIFFERENT. ME NOT LIKE THAT SO, ME NOT LIKE YOU.

        It’s like our friend Henry says (remember, the guy we listened to on the way to Ren Fest?) “Its such a small step that many people just can’t get over” and for me, it’s just hard to comprehend why. He was talking about race, but you could apply that to sexuality too. Its a small step that some people won’t take. Boggles the mind.

  2. I embrace/accept/support gay marriage but your analogy is flawed. Vegans are crazy freaks that shouldn’t be allowed to do anything us “normal” people can do. Next you’ll be telling me they’re letting vegans get married.

    (Jeremiah, who doesn’t want to log on from this strange computer that might have a keylogger installed.)

    ~That all being said, I’m sure you know I agree with you 100%.

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