Day “3”…Missed a couple, there!

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now..
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn-offs.
Day Eight: Three turn-ons.
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.
Day Ten: One confession

Well now…Fishing a bit, aren’t we?? We being…Well…ME, since I took on this meme haha. Okay, let’s see where this goes. I assume winning my heart means in a romantic sense, as opposed to  just being friends.

One thing you can do is be energetic and positive. I’m immediately turned off by people who complain and pessimistically find the littlest things wrong in a given situation/topic/conversation. If you’ve a little rain-cloud over your head, I can certainly stand to be friends with you, but you’ve little chance of becoming "the one."

A second way to win my heart is to have an appreciation for nature! I love being outdoors, getting sunshine, rolling in the grass and just being wild and free! I love naming off random insects and rooting around in the dirt for fossils. As a kid, I’d set crayfish pots in the streams nearby and catch lizards to keep as temporary pets. As an adult I occasionally still do these things. If you’re allergic to pollen, hey, no worries, but let’s not live under a rock! (unless you’re a lizard, in which case I’m gonna getcha!)

A third thing that makes me smile is a great smile. When I see someone really beam at me, it’s contagious; I smile back, no matter how glum I may be feeling. I feel like someone with a great smile does it a lot; works out those muscles in order for it to be so ecstatic and pleasing-looking, y’know?

Four…Hum. I really raise an eyebrow when someone can not only admit when they’re wrong, but don’t feel the need to press when they’re right. When we’re debating and they say "I believe this…But your point of view has merit and I can’t refute it. Let me think on it and I’ll get back to you." Someone who does that sort of thing comes across as a real thinker, rather than someone whose just trying to bludgeon you with their opinions for the sake of sounding smart.

The fifth thing of heart-warming, my true love gave to me….


Or at least an air of calm and casualness. I don’t like intense, worrisome folks. This too is contagious. Ick.

A sixth thing you can do to win my heart, since you’re so eager to know is to talk to me in person. I don’t like text conversations. Email is great to get to know you, and a phone call once in awhile is great. But I don’t do distance relationships anymore; not a fan. I want someone physical to call my own, to go places with and talk about stuff. So be corporeal, if you could, please thanks!

Seven should be adventuresome and living a unique lifestyle. I really appreciate folks who treat this life as if it were their only one and live for the moment. I inspires me to get off my ass away from this computer and do the same!

And finally, an eigth thing you can do is get out of my imagination already, since I already know you don’t actually exist! See item six..

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