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So I went to the Canon distributor yesterday to get my camera fixed and ended up chatting with the salespeople in broken English/Chinese for an hour while I waited. I had a great time and Shane, the only fellow there with English skill, taught me about Jinan and Zhong, one of the sales guys, asked three times to arm-wrestle. And he lost three times ^^

So one of them asks me if I have a Chinese name. I said no. So they got to work on brainstorming one for me and they started thinking of my qualities. Tall comes first says Jo, a woman, also salesperson. Zhong chimed in with strong. And Shane, the English-speaking one, said "lucky." So they came up with "Tian Shan." Which send shivers down my spine. Tian Shan is the name of a mountain sacred to Taoism only an hour south of Jinan and something I’d made a point to see during my time here.

Now I definitely have to climb it.


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  1. when you said Tian Shan my mind immediately leaped to Tien from DBZ

    better get that third eye

  2. Kakarot (ya know, carrot)

    Yes climb your namesake and when you have surmounted the challenge of it’s dire precipice stake thine old name upon it. Dub this hulking rock the mountain EARL!

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