Atypical for Me..

I had a great time last night…Too great of a time – I lost out on some sleep and I really want to do that instead of plan for my big lesson day tomorrow. But plan I must…And write here while listening to Ancient Melodies of the Future; I’ve only just discovered them, thanks to the epic music selection my friends Megan, Laura and Alex uploaded for me before I left Austin for Delaware. Loving them lately…

So great time! We went to a KTV for the second time here in China…KTV is what they call karaoke bars here; they always have that name but they’re not a chain; in fact the buildings and insides always look different. Interesting thing about karaoke bars here compared to America is just how classy they really are…A room will run you close to 200 RMB for a night of fun; split between 10 heads that isn’t much but it’s still a pricey way to spend an evening in China. The staff is very professional, wearing ironed suits as they mop up the vomit their patrons tend to leave on the floor, walls, ceiling and various other places. Most KTV’s carry alcohol but savvy folk like us bring our own, to save extra kwai.

So I went to KTV last night after work with most of the young foreign English teachers and had a ball; easily my best karaoke experience ever. Sang a ton, drank a moderate amount and bounced around a few other rooms too while mildly toasted and sang with random Chinese guys. Truth be told, I was cruising for a cute guy, and I did actually manage to find one, despite language barriers, that was interested in me. Certain things transcend language. Wasn’t easy though; we kept cruising back and forth and getting cozy without actually doing anything interesting until I found a darkened room with an open door. We then sat on the couch and held hands in a alcohol haze and just enjoyed the moment for a bit. Then I announced my intention by placing a finger on his lips, and then on mine and we kissed. It was…Efficient. He sort of gave me a peck and when I went for more he pushed back and made a motion with his hands to indicate a cell phone. He had given me his number earlier. I wasn’t really up for all that; just wanted to make out on a couch and if things got interesting, I was willing to go that far. I said "Dui," "Yes," and tried for another kiss and he popped me on the side of my head. Not hard, just a mild slap, then said something in Chinese. I stared, mildly annoyed, and he slapped me again. So I said "Dui, dui…" and started to get up. He tried to hold me there, but I removed his arm from my leg and walked out, him in tow.

Outside my friend’s room, we kissed each other on the cheek and he made the call motion again. I said "Dui," and walked back into the KTV room and proceeded to own "the Muse" and "Madonna," before grabbing a taxi back home around 3 a.m. On the way out, he followed me to the stairwell, making the call sign. I said "dui" but kept walking with Alice and Jen in tow. No doubt they have an inking as to what I was up to as I was afk for a good portion of the night.

Do I call him up? Really, there was nothing more than an alcohol-induced passion and he was only mildly attractive in my memory…I still don’t speak his language and it would be more annoying to try and meet him and give directions. Really, I feel the one night stand ship has sailed; should have taken the couch opportunity, buddy. Plus, I don’t really remember his name, so whatever.

Partyboy Earl is a new thing to me…Not sure how I feel about it yet. But, like everything else, I will give it a go and learn what I can from it. Would you believe I try making a meditation out of being drunk sometimes? Trying to figure out what brain function is being suppressed that allows the carefree social expression that gets people to drink in the first place…And hopefully making that a permanent addition so alcohol is no longer required; drunk on life, as it were. Or maybe I’m making excuses….I really do drink a lot more these days than I ever did. Gan-bei! Bottoms up! When I first arrived, I would spill bai-cho all over my cheeks and pants when I tried that. Now I can at least beat the non-drinkers and pace most Chinese I meet save the heavy drinkers.

Too good at that.

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