No TV and no video games make Earl something-something…

I’ve sworn off video games for the week…Why is this worth a post? BIG DEAL, some of you say. Well to you, I say good job and keep on living a full life! Unless, of course, you have some other sort of escapism, which is almost certainly NOT the case, I’m sure…

So video games are mine. Specifically, League of Legends, It’s a team oriented RTS game where you control a single hero unit with 4 other people versus another five people on a large map. The game’s AI generates armies that clash on battlefields while your hero units fight them and enemy hero units for money and experience, to gain items and new abilities. Ultimately, you tear down enemy tower defenses and eventually their bases and unit spawn buildings and the nexus; the main base. If you destroy that, you win.

League of Legends is a spinoff from the immensely popular game Defense of the Ancients, Dota. For easily 3 years, that was the only game I ever played; and when I found LoL; the Dota spinoff with so many improvements, I immediately transferred and haven’t looked back since. Even when I moved to China and my ping skyrocketed trying to connect to US servers. I thought for awhile my LoL days were over, but alas, I managed to adjust my playstyle to sometimes quarter-half second lag and continue on.

I say "alas," because like in the US, I spend waaaaay too much time playing LoL. On my days off, sometimes I kill 5-6 hours playing LoL. Which is BAD. I’m here to learn and see new things; I’ve this shiny new country in front of me and so many opportunities and instead I’m burning my eyeballs out playing League of Legends, like I did back in the USA.

That’s just not good. So when the urge came up the "fast" from video games for a week, it immediately seemed like such a good idea, I mentally locked in on it before I could change my mind. And now that I have, I can’t go back on it as now it’s a matter of mindfullness, of meditation. Of studying the urge I have to game and why it takes up so much of my time…And what I will do with the time I gain. In fact, right now, I’d probably be playing LoL right now, and waiting to cram lesson prep in an hour before bed and then a half hour tomorrow morning before class at Shanda University. Instead I’m doing my lesson prep and typing here while listening to tunes. Is it "better?" No; I don’t think video games are, in of themselves, some sort of evil. It’s my lack of control when I have a ton of free time and no one to make me spend it better than I should. I still need to see what those pagodas are at the top of the hills here in Jinan. There’s one three blocks away and I’ve yet to explore it – I keep meaning to and then they release a new hero on League of Legends and, well, gotta try him/her out!

Next Monday, my first day off is training day with Tyler and the guys. More on that later. And next Tuesday I’ll be going with Sheryl, one of the English teachers at ALWAYS to buy some plants for my room, pretty things up a bit here. And otherwise NOT gaming.’

This is going to be weird…

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