Qingdao Trip Today!

So I’m going to be away for a few days – taking my first trip to a new city here in China. Myself and most of the younger FET’s will be visiting Qingdao for the weekend. It’s the largest city here in Shandong Province and a seaside one, to boot! We’ll be staying in the Kaiyue International Hostel; one of the best in Shandong. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done the hostel experience, and I’m pretty excited. For one, they’re great places to meet new faces and make travel buddies…Get info on the area and tips on what to do and not to do. Good hostels even have events like music, parties, etc, so should be fun! As for my plans…Laoshan is first on my list. Laoshan is one of the five sacred mountains of Taoism I tend to rant about climbing whenever the subject comes up here. The scenery I’ve seen glimpses of are quite striking – the eastern coast of China as a whole looks strikingly similar to the mountains people fly through in Dragonball/DBZ. Flat plains with random mountain chains. No surprise it was the inspiration – absolutely beautiful when seen from above but hard to appreciate on the ground. I remember when I first flew from Shanghai to Jinan and caught a glimpse of it…It looked like the surface of the ocean frozen in time. The waves with rippling surfaces – waves upon waves, only not in motion.

Qingdao has a beer factory of German origin during its times as a German colony that I hope to see, if only because its sort of the thing to do there. There are beaches, though they tend to be pretty crowded. I DO want to see some of the parks in the city – some of them have fascinating histories, and of course there will be pictures! Gotta keep my photography skills sharp! I’m learning new things each time I break out the Canon. Be looking out for FB and Flickr updates soon!

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned somewhere here that I have a Flickr page, which I prefer over FB since the upload quality is better, its a dedicated gallery I can access anytime unlike FB here in China, AND most importantly, I retain all rights to my art. The page is:


See you in a few days! Off to Qingdao with me!

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