Not Feeling Too Hot..

Ugh. Serious intestinal bloat and explosive diarrhea. Worst I’ve had in a long time – sometimes I can’t tell whether its the pipes in the walls gurgling due to the usual morning activity or my bowels, no joke. I hate stomach distress more than…Just about anything, really. It’s just so insistent and visceral you can’t avoid thinking about it. Always a subtle undercurrent of "this sucks – I feel grumpy now about everything."

I guess I’m sort of happy I”m going through (HOPEFULLY) the worst of it today – tomorrow and Sunday are my busiest days of the week and I would NOT survive if I had to deal with diarrhea and use Chinese toilets while working a 10 hour day. That’s my idea of Hell. Pray I get better by tomorrow as I’ve been off since Monday night and things are not looking good right now.

Oh; and hey, its payday! That always adds a silver lining to any cloud!


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  1. Where the hell does it keep coming from?!

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