Fishy Tats

Well, I’m amazed to be even considering this, but I’ve found enough stability and resources to actually consider getting back into my longtime hobby of aquarium keeping! I’ve been pricing aquariums around, and found that I can get an 80 gallon with stand, lights, and hood filtration unit for around 1600 RMB, which is about $228. Quite reasonable! My last aquarium was 75 gallons, and this is the kind of size I like; gives me tons of options to play with without being too hard to move or clean.

The fish, though, might be tricky…I’ve browsed a few pet stores and variety is sorely lacking. I don’t think I’m going to find the quality of stores I do back home unless I go to the big cities like Beijing or Shanghai…Or mail-order my fish, which HAS occurred to me. China has significant aquaculture. But right now, what’s on my mind is what KIND of aquarium to go with. I’ve always been a big fan of live plants, so that is definitely in. Problem is, the fluorescent light bulbs in China don’t seem to have spectrum ratings on the sides; so I can’t figure out which bulbs are plant lights…I guess I can ask but I prefer being sure myself since I have the experience to know what sort I should have with given plants and water depth. I’m considering moving back to african cichlids What’s great about them is that their home environment of lakes Malawi and Tanganyika are naturally crowded, despite being territorial and personable, so you can get away with a good number of them. Not to mention they’re as beautiful as saltwater fish. And by personable, I mean they have complicated social structures – they set up pecking orders, pair bonds, raise their babies by themselves…They don’t just float around looking pretty like other fish tend to, they’re BUSY beavers! Except, you know…Fish.

So many options though…I could also save the money for my tat; 1600 RMB will more or less cover it, though I’m still waffling over the design. You know when you watch a great action movie and you get such a rush you want to go and train, spar, and exercise right away so you can be as cool as the main character? No?..Maybe it’s just me. Well I want my tattoo, whatever it is, to inspire me like that, so that I become awesome because it’s always there. But I haven’t hit on a design that’s not only awe-inspiring but something I’d want on me for a lifetime. I’m glad I’m deliberating as I am though; tats are serious business.

I’m glad it’s Monday – hell weekend is over and I need to relax a bit. grab some food, listen to music and just decompress before Wing Chun training with the others tonight. More on that later – I’m making some progress and really enjoying it! Also going to a cookout in the evening with my fellow expats – should be fun!

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  1. ….do fish like tattoos?

    And yeah, I know the feeling of watching a movie and going “I want to go do that, NOW!” It’s how watching my friends spin fire has always made me feel, and so I followed that urge. 🙂

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