INFJ according to Jung-Meyer Briggs

Whoa. So I tried the Human Metrics Test that so many people like to throw out on dating websites every now and then. It’s something that’s been floating in the back of my mind for some time now as something to try. So I must say, I’m quite surprised by what I got.

I came up INFJ – Moderately Expressed (44%) Introvert, Moderately Expressed Intuitive (50%), Slightly Expressed Feeling (38%), Slightly Expressed Judging (1%). On some weird level, I derived a strange sense of comfort upon reading this. As if knowing that the sum of my personal life experiences can be categorized and understood in only four letters of the alphabet. I think because I feel that something, even something as remote as an unthinking computer program, made organizational, logical sense out of my life and gave a generally positive overview, I feel mildly warm and fuzzy about it. We all want to understand what it means to be US, after all. In short: I’m happy I make sense in some fathomable way.

So yeah ~ INFJ. Interesting… ( gives a pretty good writeup that really drove home the idea for me. This part I like best:

“Counselors can be hard to get to know. They have an unusually rich inner life, but they are reserved and tend not to share their reactions except with those they trust. With their loved ones, certainly, Counselors are not reluctant to express their feelings, their face lighting up with the positive emotions, but darkening like a thunderhead with the negative. Indeed, because of their strong ability to take into themselves the feelings of others, Counselors can be hurt rather easily by those around them, which, perhaps, is one reason why they tend to be private people, mutely withdrawing from human contact. At the same time, friends who have known an Counselor for years may find sides emerging which come as a surprise. Not that they are inconsistent; Counselors value their integrity a great deal, but they have intricately woven, mysterious personalities which sometimes puzzle even them.”

So true…Thinking back to the discussions I’ve had with my family on several occasions…Like when I told my mom and stepfather I was gay. I honestly surprised myself with how passionate I got, especially in anger when my stepfather and I crossed over to talk over religious choice. I wish I could always be the firey person I can be when my family gets me going, positively or negatively.

I guess it really depends on how much weight I choose to attach to the analysis, but my conscious mind is giving it quite a bit, to be honest. I’ll have to do some further research…See how much credit is given to the Jung-Meyer Briggs test, as is my wont as a believer in the scientific method…But yeah…Neat! Hey dear reader: if you’ve taken this test, I really want to hear your thoughts on the matter below!

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