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I need to find a new exercise…I have yet to achieve my lifelong dream of being “Batman.” Well, okay, Batman might be a bit of a stretch. I’d just settle for being a ninja. Seriously.

…So I’m looking at Parkour. It seems…Extreme. But extremely interesting, all the same! I sometimes dream of doing exactly that, but Parkour is one of the things I’d always put on my mental shelf of “things to not even bother with, as it’s so far outside my experience as to be unimaginable.” Sort of like flying a Space Shuttle or having sex with a woman. But I think I just might be able to bring it down a tad and experiment with it.

See, I’ve been doing kungfu once more with a fellow here in Nanjing. We call him Shifu. His Chinese name is almost exactly this, so I don’t feel bad not getting it quite right. He’s a 10-year veteran of the…THE..Shaolin Temple, and knows Wing Chun, Sanda, Drunken boxing, and a whole hodge-podge of other arts. It really is a treat just to watch him, because he’s very much stereotypically Asian Kung-fu teacher. Small, compact man in silken pants and shirt with kung-fu slippers. He moves effortlessly; handsprings,kip-ups, cartwheels, somersaults. I’ve never seen him sweat. Why? Because he teaches adults and children, every day, so he’s done every single move in his arsenal for however many days he’s been alive. A flying roundhouse kick is like nodding your head for you or I. You don’t think about it; you just do it, perfectly.


I DO need to get some better shoes, however. I’ve found some decent substitutes for Vibram Five Fingers on Taobao (Chinese eBay with insanely good prices)…BUT…Nothing to fit my ogrish figure! BAH. Yet, I persevere! Somewhere, SOMEONE in the net work must have size 15’s for me to wreck jumping off buildings!..

I’ve found another roleplaying group here in Nanjing. We’re a diverse crowd that plays diverse games. There’s Matt Fisher, whose a senior trainer at the other Disney English center in Nanjing…Myself, of course. A guy named Domnic from Canada who teaches Kindergarten. And a fellow named David from the States who teaches freelance out of his home. We’ve been playing a watered down D&D rules-wise called “Dungeon World,” and a game of David’s design called “Dreamwalker,” adapted from the former. I’m quite fond of both, but really starting to take a liking to “Dreamwalker.” Because the class selection is so very diverse; David’s sat down and tried to come up with every possible character archetype and given it loose, flexible rules. Here’s the breakdown for the class combo I’m going to run with, starting this Sunday:

// The One (0.12)

—Destiny— (OOOOO)
> It is your Destiny to fight some great evil and save the world. What kind of evil is it? What will happen if you fail?
> When you make any test, you can spend 1 success to: * get 1 Destiny.
> Spend your Destiny to get +1 on any test you make to help you in your fight against evil.

O -Darkest Before Dawn-
> You become very powerful during a nightmare. Describe how you change, and add this choice to any test of your Bravery:
* Unquestionably defeat an enemy or remove a threat

O -One for All-
> When another Walker gets in Trouble, you can jump in to protect them.
>> When you stand in the way of Trouble, test your Bravery.
* You take the Trouble instead
* You can choose the Trouble
** Your friend is safe; gain 1 Destiny and Take a Risk against the threat…
(* and you have an advantage: +1)

O -All for One-
> When other Walkers Help you, they all get +1, and you get 1 Destiny, or 1 LP, as you choose.

O -If It Doesn’t Kill You-
> Every time you get in Trouble, you also get 1 Destiny.

O -Chosen Weapon-
> Describe the weapon that only the One can use. Using it gives you 1 Destiny and proves who you are.


//The Mystic Warrior (0.12)

—Focus— (OOOOO)
> You study at a Temple whose warriors use focused fighting styles.
>> When you meditate, reset your Focus to 0 and test your Wisdom.
* Each success adds 1 Focus.
> If you fail, you just get 0 Focus.
> Tiger Style: spend 1 Focus for +2.

-More Fighting Styles-
O- Mantis: add your Focus to a test when you act at a disadvantage.
O- Crane: add your Focus when you Help, Interfere, or Overcome.
O- Monkey: add Focus to Discover in battle, and to act on an answer.
O- Snake: add Focus to hide, sneak, distract, or surprise someone.
O- Panda: spend 1 Focus to redirect Trouble from you to someone else.
>> When you change fighting styles in battle, test your Wisdom.
* You don’t lose 1 Focus…
(* in fact, you gain 1 more!)
* You don’t face more danger
> If you fail, choose: lose 2 focus, or get in Trouble.

O -Defy Gravity-
> As long as you keep moving fast, you can run on walls or ceilings, and jump high in the air (and get +1).

O -Mind Over Matter-
>> Use Magic (+1) to move objects through the air with your mind.

O -Sword of a Master-
> Temple Masters use a sword made of pure light that can cut anything.
> When you use your sword, get +1.
> When you help your fellow monks, get 1 Resource.

Mace Windu FTW

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