New Job in Beihai, Guangxi, China…Maybe.

Ohhhh, my, my, my! It seems I just might have landed an excellent teaching opportunity here in China! I've been a bit…Disappointed with Disney English for a few weeks, as the office hours are just killer. 24 hours of various sorts of paperwork. Not going to rant here, because it IS what I signed up for, but…I think it's better if I move on. So, I've found a kindergarten in Beihai that looks quite promising! They want a foreign teacher to come and introduce the kids to English instruction and get them ready for higher learning. So, preschool level. Basically herding cats around a room and barking at them in a language they don't understand. 

Which is basically teaching ESL in any foreign country.

And I'm excited by this prospect! For one, NO MORE OFFICE HOURS, just teaching children, which I do enjoy to be honest. I love seeing them grow in proficiency and knowing I've made an impression on their lives that will open a ton of future doors for them. Also, I like making silly faces and seeing them laugh. But, not going to lie, it's the LOCATION that appeals to me the most. Beihai is a smallish (tiny by Chinese standards) seaside town in Guangxi Province that's clean, warm, with beaches and seafood aplenty. It's just what my pollution-addled lungs need right now. The local dialect is apparently Cantonese, BUT I just got off the phone with my contact Jennifer Yang at the school and she says most people can speak both Mandarin and Cantonese so my learning won't be entirely to waste.

I've aleady let my boss know earlier this month that I planned on leaving, so I intend to make my departure even more official by letting her know I'm going to try to be there by the 20th-24th of October. Disney has taught me a lot and I think I am a much more effective teacher now for my experiences here. However, I just find the working environment a tad too stressful, so yeah; the China adventures continue! Remember those pictures of Dragonball Z-landscape a few posts down? That's Guilin. That's not too far from Beihai. 

I still might get my nimbus :C)

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  1. That sounds like a cool job, and bonus small kids.

    My friends in Maryland just adopted a little girl from China and she is adorable. I can only imagine that I’d explode from cute if I could walk into a whole room of her kind of cuteness.

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