Picture of the Week #1

So, I've decided I'm going to start a POTW here on my LJ, to keep me writing more, help flavour up my page some, and just give it an overall sprucing up! I'll attach a picture once a week from current going-ons or past instances that just made me smile, cry, laugh or otherwise affected me, and share them with my three readers! Well, here's hoping I get some more!

So without further ado, here's POTW #1:

Chilling in the Chisos!

I figured I'd start with the avatar I'd chosen for this incarnation of LiveJournal! This is me a couple of years ago, November 2010. Me and my E-Corps crew, STIHL Your Face (don't ask..), got as a reward, a chance to take a trip up into the Chisos Mountains of Big Bend, on the border of the USA and Mexico. Some of the most dramatically beautiful areas of both countries! (and will be utterly spoiled if a border fence gets put up –  met a few Mexicans, incidentally. One of them crossed the Rio Grande to give me my wallet back after I lost it at a hot spring. Damn them all for stealing our jobs, though.) Our crew brought beer against the explicit wishes of our trail bosses, and some marijuana and acid paper as well. It was my first time trying acid. I was utterly disappointed. Maybe it wasn't dosed properly for my size, or it was a weak batch, or something. I seem to recall the colors being slightly more vibrant and sharper but nothing else. Everyone else, on the other hand, got lit. Which was amusing for about fifteen minutes, until people started climbing up sheer rock faces and doing dangerous stuff and I was the only sane person there. The possibility of having to explain why everyone on my crew DIED IN THE MOUNTAINS to my boss pretty much killed my buzz and I was the party-pooper saying "get down from there!" "You're going to get hurt!" "Yes, it's very pretty, but that's sharp and it will STAB YOU, so let go of it!" 

But in the end, we made it to the Window, which is at the end of a trail that winds through a narrow valley to a beautiful overlook. It was formed by an intermittent desert stream that cut over a hundred feet down into a plateau and then flies off the sheer face into the desert below. We stood at the edge of that sheer drop in the slit in the rocks, took pictures, and then promptly whipped out the snacks, the boom box we'd dragged all this way, and then had an epic time rocking out and generally being a royal pain for anyone who came our way. Hikers expecting a quiet, scenic sunset view were to be sorely disappointed. But it was fun to be "those people" for awhile!

I miss that hat.

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  1. Failed Acid Trip

    Blame it on your meditation, lol.


  2. I might have to start a picture of the week thing too, really. It would get me posting more!

    I like the hat too, btw. I have one very like it that I really ought to wear more often.

  3. That is gorgeous.

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