Swimming?? NOOOOOO!!

Last night and today was a good time; my friend Domnic from Quebec, his friend Tyler from Virginia and I went to a lake here in Nanjing and spent a night camping there beside it. Domnic's been trying to drag me out there for quite awhile now, and generally I refuse most things aquatic, as I…Well…Never learned how to swim properly *hangs head in shame.* Tis true! Even though I've lived by the coast most of my life, I just never had time/wanted to/bothered to learn how to swim and so even doggie paddles are a tenacious bore. And the only deadman's float I can do is the real deal…Because I'll be dead. From drowning. So no.

It was quite crowded; it's one of the two major holidays here in China; National Day Week, so everyone's off as the country shuts down almost for an entire week. Sort of like the three days of before, during and after Christmas. Heard some fireworks here in Nanjing, and I know there were big events in other cities…A few of my friends here were nuts enough to go to Beijing for the holiday. The capital of China for its 4th of July. It was an utter madhouse; three hour lines to see the Great Wall and Tian'an Men Square, among other things. Glad I stuck with Xi'an!

We invented a game at the park around the lake. Two on two frisbee, you stand in pairs about 50-70 feet apart, depending on how well you can throw. You use landmarks and bottles/cones/whatever is on hand to demarcate a boundary that's effectively a set of goalposts, about 25-30 feet apart. Each pair act as goalies, and the other pair gets a toss to try and land their frisbee past the goalies and touching solid ground on the opposite side. But it has to clear the boundaries and then land within the lines to prevent wild tosses. Oh, and here's the rub: not only does the other team get points for a score, but the loser has to do that many pushups. So; one point for team A, team B does one pushup. Two points for team A, team B does two pushups. First to ten wins the match. It was a great game considering we were making it up as we went. Oh; there was another guy as well, who didn't stay the night, Neo. Chinese dude, Nanjing-ren. I have to say here that I love the names Chinese people come up with sometimes, because they don't really take them all that seriously. Sort of like how you might choose a name in another language that just sounds cool or has a neat meaning. Neo, naturally…Chose his from Neo from the Matrix. The best though, would have to be "Phoenix Force," a guy I met at kung-fu, haha.

Oh; and I saw what was probably one of the most intense exercises ever. This Chinese guy was walking on his hands and feet like a dog, back and forth in the field we were playing in. He had gloves on his hands to protect them, but otherwise just had shorts on. Quite ripped and excellent eye-candy, I might add. He did laps around the rather large park like that, walking back and forth without stopping…For 40 Minutes. Seriously. And then went running right afterwards. Amazing. I decided I had to try that and did…Aaaaand I made it a quarter of the way around the park and said "fuck this, this is hard." Like…2 minutes. I've so got to start doing this now. But not right now. Now…Sleep beckons and I shall obey.

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