Picture of the Week #2

So, not too much to report. Just got back from Ellen's Bar here in Nanjing. It's almost 2 in the morning and I'm tired. I've a light buzz but I'm feeling quite happy right now and I don't want to go to bed without doing this. 

One of my Favourite Photos!

I did some beach camping in April during my second trip to New Zealand. In 2009 when I'd first came, I spent Easter Weekend with a wonderful couple from Paeroa, New Zealand named Christine and Peter. I awoke one morning to the sun cresting right across these twin peaks on the horizon. Literally rising right in between them; and I managed to get it on film that time! Aaand naturally, I ended up losing my camera in the back of someone's truck while hitchhiking from Paeroa to Rotorua…Man! :c( So all of my photos of me camping and fishing and digging for clams and having a grand time were lost. So this time I came back alone and waited for a nice morning to try my luck, and found it.

The seagulls were warming their wings up in the morning sun and exploring the surf. The air was laden with the smells of the ocean and pleasantly cool as it was getting towards late fall. As the sun began to crest over the mountains, I spent a good half an hour taking tons of pictures from all sorts of angles with all sorts of settings, trying to capture the contrast between the brilliant sun and the dark waters, while keeping the glittering foam-capped waves, and this was the best one! When I look at this picture, it really makes me feel the cool wind on my skin giving way to the warmth of dawn once again!

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  1. Thank you! I really love re-imagining this tiny slice of time. The sun was visibly rising on the horizon; and this beautiful little slice of time will never again be repeated.

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