Things that make me LOL…

Commercials for prescription medicine that spend maybe 10 seconds telling you what the product does and how great it is…And then a full MINUTE telling you all of the horrible side-effects that quite often out-weight the supposed benefits of said product. My current favorite is a commecial I saw for testosterone in deodorant-stick fashion. What made it great was that they didn't even tell you what it was supposed to be FOR. I mean…I guess we've all taken a health class in high school, so, testosterone, yeah. Man-juice. The purple mojo in the second Austin Powers movie. But why do I NEED it? Because if you question it, you're gay, apparently. So I need it. 

But what was even better was that during all these scenes of a shirtless stud-muffin being caressed by an attractive woman it's telling me I might get acne…My penis might shrink…Women or kids exposed to it might develop cancer, endocrine abnormalities or experience premature puberty…I shouldn't take it with A-Z drugs or A-Z conditions…BUT THERE'S A MAN ABOUT TO GET IT ON WITH A WOMAN ON-SCREEN, so I'm not supposed to be listening to all of that crap. Because that could be me. If I had testosterone-on-a-stick. 

I missed American television..

EDIT: This occurred as I was writing the above story…

Commercial: Try new Dannon Yoplait pushers (or some similarly inane name). They're that good!

Mom: Earl, have you tried that new Dannon Yoghurt?

Me: No, I haven't.

Mom: It looks good.

Me: Runs screaming from the house. (disclaimer: Well, not really, but I wanted to. Subliminal messaging? (ask your doctor if Dannon Yoplait is right for you..It is. It's that good.)

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