POTW Week 3: Jinan, Shandong, China: ALWAYS English Kindergarten Party!

Anna making a funny face for the camera! 

Oh, Anna…Yeah, I remember this little sweetheart of a girl. She was one of my very first students, when I moved to Jinan, Shandong, China and began my adventure in ESL abroad. It's true what they say of teaching. Students will run you ragged some days…Have you pulling your hair out and screaming yourself hoarse in a futile attempt at creating order. But the good times…Are fantastic memories. We had a gradutation party for the children and their parents after four months, and so my teaching partner Cherry and I brought food and drinks, as did the parents…And I brought in some Tom and Jerry videos for the kids and let them watch while the parents and I circled the tables like sharks with cameras attached to their faces and snapped away. This is easily my favorite student photo ever. Because who here HASN'T made Bugle claws?? Hell, I still do at age 29. They just taste that much better when you do!

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