New Years Resolution #1: Work on becoming Polyglot!

So; Happy New Year to you all…Two days late, but there it is! My Livejournal doesn't get nearly as much attention as my constant tweets (twits?..) on Facebook but I save the heavy writing for this little slice of internet-heaven! I've been giving some thought to resolutions for this coming year, as many people do, and I wanted to write out a few, so I have this list to then fall back on.

1: Work on becoming Polyglot.

~ I love languages and I think I have a certain faculty for them. But it's a muscle/talent/ability/feat chain I haven't explored as much as I could and I want to change that. Right now, I would say I'm entirely fluent in American English (with a few New Zealand fluorishes thrown in for spice – "cheers,"), passable in conversational Mandarin (Shandong variety with a hint of Jiangsu Province – "fer" – points) and I read, write and listen to Spanish passaby enough to get the gist of it but can't really speak it anymore. I'd like to dust off my Spanish, keep my Chinese sharp, and…Um…Continue to speak English. Trilingualism is reachable sometime next year if I keep on learning and I subconsciously have retained more Spanish than I suspect…But as for Polyglot, well…

I think it would be fantastic to pick up extra languages. Because I know I'm not done traveling, and I just love how different cultures express different ideas. My favourite Chinese word is "gama." It's a slang term so I can't find it on Google Translate, but it loosely equates to the feeling of "what the hell is/are _____ doing" if you don't understand a question, or someone does something extremely strange. I just love how it feels with the proper tones (neutral, then third tone) when you say it to express yourself (generally accompanied by an exasperated expression). The best English equivalent is "da fuck?," but not as socially acceptable nor as satisfying compared to this word.

I want to add Arabic, French, and Russian to my repertoire in the future. At least. With these, I can speak to about 2.3 billion people! I do believe this number counts native speakers. English, French and Spanish get much higher if you include them as second languages!

So this is Number One. More to come.

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