New Year’s Resolutions Part II: The Meat

Resolution #2: Put Together my Life's Goal

For nearly a decade I've been vascillating between ideas and career paths. I've mixed and matched all kinds of lifestyles, trying to make my dreams manifest. Something we all do, really, so I don't pretend my path is anything more special than anyone else's. But I *do* think I might have found a winning formula. I'm so excited, it's hard to type because I'm nervous-jittery. Well for one, after a long-ass drought of opportunities, I finally have some income coming back my way. I'm going to be working for the Best Western Hotel chain. I'm the Breakfast nook manager, or some other such overblown title that translates to "puts out OJ and donuts in the morning and cleans up the crumby mess, and then cleans crap around the hotel." Monies in the bank.

But what I'm getting at is that I think that my dream has always been a touch semi-impossible because I really *do* want everything the world has to offer. Seriously, I want it all. I want good money, I want to play in parks and nature across America, I want to visit foreign countries and live abroad, I don't want to be tied down to houses or cars but I *do* want financial freedom, human interaction and stability, the occasional tent but also a house AND new experiences. If that doesn't sound like a recipe for one jaded mid-life crisis, I don't know what is…But I *do* believe my ideas are not entirely out of reach.

I've been browsing ately, searching for Park Service jobs. I've made lots of friends in the business over the years and they'd always refer me here as it's the main portal for all federal gigs. And what was interesting about it is that nearly all of the gigs are seasonal work; my friends "in the biz" would always explain that applicants willing to travel have the best chance as they can apply anywhere and find work pretty easily. And then I started seeing the strands of a much larger tapestry that could keep me happy and entertained for a VERY long time: Buy a beater-car, work seasonally in the USA, make a wad of cash while living in government housing at a park. Sell beater-car, go overseas to Asia/Middle East for 4-6 months, make another wad of cash until the season re-opens back in the USA. Come back to the USA, buy a beater-car, add to the wad of cash at a new park. And somewhere in there, take courses over time that give me police training to open up GS-7/9 protection gigs as a park ranger, CPR training, animal tranqulization/control licenses…And never have to settle and ALWAYS live a life of adventure while making money.

This…is going to be the hardest thing to manage I've ever done. Live in the US part-time and be a seasonal Park Ranger/Guide at a random state, and then move overseas to a random country and be an English teacher on the off-season. Rinse and repeat. But *this* is my dream. I'ma put everything I've got into this and learning what I can. Right now, I'm at step one: buy a beater-car. Though, depending on the job/park, I might be able to forgo this step. Wad of cash FOR a beater car is my actual first step. Now that I've done parks work and I've done teaching in Asia and I'm qualified for and have gotten job offers for BOTH, I'm going to merge the two into a financially stable arrangement that will keep me afloat for the rest of my life. 

…Advice EXTREMELY welcome for this unweildly behemoth of a job situation. Especially when it comes to only needing a car for 6 months out of the year; what should I do, LJ-community? Buy a beater and re-insure and all that jazz just for 6 months? Buy a car and let it sit somewhere unused for 6 months out of the year and then dust it off when I return? Rent/Lease? Help me achieve flight! :c)

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  1. Thanks so much for this info, Kath! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, even if they don’t answer my email inquiries! :cD

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