New Year’s Resolution Part III: Start Writing a Book

I've had people (especially my good friend Jackie Mackellar) suggest I compile the experiences I've had and have been keeping track of here, and organize some sort of book on life experience, growing and acceptance of homosexuality, cultural comparisons…Or some odd hodge-podge of the three of these things.

And I entirely agree.

I do enjoy writing when it turns out well; writing is a fringe-hobby of mine. I say fringe because its one of those things I get upset over if it doesn't turn out quite right, and I know that if I did spend the time and effort it would drastically improve but instead I putter away at it, so it only improves incrementally. Still, I don't think I'm a bad writer, and I've had a metric ton of interesting experiences to write about. All saved here, thankfully, plus even more in my brain!

The thing with a book like this is, it would be extremely raw, like in the style of "Eat, Pray, Love" or "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance." Soul-bearing, abandoning all fear of judgement and expressing my opinions and experiences for the world to chew on, critique and spit back out. I'm still learning how to accept myself; accepting the world's (or even a prospective publisher's) critique of my book would be potentially harsh. Plus, I'm really afraid to touch on key issues in my life that would shed a negative aspect on family and friends. Issues that were critical in shaping my world view and could not be left out, but would hurt my family or friends if shared out in the open nakedly and from my raw perspective. Because if an author writes a good book, people start digging into his or her personal life like mad to learn more…Though, I suppose I could use a pen name…Oooh, look at me already spending my imaginary millions!

So, this year I want a foundation for the story. I don't intend to finish this book this year or even the next, because things are continually evolving and I'm at a critical phase of my life right now, with a dream made manifest in my sight currently. If this proves to be a long path, well then the book could then begin to be spun. I've given thought as to the format and subject matter. Format-wise, I want it to be interesting to read, not just a bland collection of Livejournal notes. I was thinking perhaps a writer on his way to a publisher loses his notes in the wind, and as they scatter across the city, people pick them up and interpret them based on how they've lived their life. Some people find them useful, others less so.

OR…I could focus explicitly on homosexuality and my path to personal acceptance. Still a raw subject for me, but I could write on it. But I'd still want it to be more interesting than a bland self-help "if I can do it, so can you!" story, because that's not all that appealing. It needs to combine travelogue aspects of my life, too…Maybe even not read as primarily being about homosexual acceptance to start. Hmmm…

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